Monday, October 6, 2014

Something to Know - 6 October

Mike Luckovich

1.  This article highlights one of the most difficult aspects of international shipping - getting supplies and equipment into a country.  Armed with the pernicious tools of bureaucracy inherited from foreign colonialists or occupiers,  and then adding a generous layer of bribery and greed, the extraction of fees and commissions from the movement of goods can prevent even the noblest of transactions:

2.  Ever wonder about the source of armaments and continued supply of ammunition for ISIS (aka ISIL) ?   The USA, as well as other nations, provide the manufacturing process, and the politicians sell them or give them away, and pile of stuff ends up on the other side of the battle lines.  The only win is the military-industrial complex:

I am a misanthrope and yet utterly benevolent, have more than one screw loose yet am a super-idealist who digests philosophy more efficiently than food.
-- Alfred Nobel

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