New to The Juan Percent? 

You may find solace in this decoder sheet.

2020 Presidential Election
Good Old Joe - man enough to own his wrongs 
"Good Enough" - Could be tested out as Joe Biden's campaign slogan

Trump Administration
Bannon Shocks: The guy who fills Trump's ears with goo.
Bannon Special, The: A special deal for a special guy.
Benito Mussolini  (12/7/2017)
Big Cheese = See Rancid Preebliss
Cruella de Conway - Just like Cruella de Ville except not with dalmations. Although dalmations, considered stupid, may actually be smarter than Trump himself. And Trump's chief enabler is Kellyanne Conway.
Fake News: One of Trump's numerous instruments for gaslighting the general public is to castigate mainstream news outlets which publish factual / unfavorable stories as "Fake News"
 James Mattis - Former Defense Secretary-public Trump critic for making a "mockery of our Constitution" in a statement to The Atlantic on Wednesday, saying he was "appalled" at the president's response to mass protests in the wake of George Floyd's killing.

Kellyanne Conartist - she lies, she plunders.
Kellyanne Gonaway - Wishful thinking on our part.
Orange One - Trump 
Rancid Preebliss = Also known as the Big Cheese.
Talking Heads = Short hand for the 3 major networks (ABC, CBS and NBC)
Thin Skinned Tangerine: He looks like an orange. And he is incredibly insecure. If it quacks like  a duck then it must be a duck.  
Transgender Tangerine = Imagine The Donald as the Queen. 
Tangerine-Tinged Tangoed-Tycoon
Tronald Dump: Ditch Trump!
tRump: Bannon's Bad Boy
TrumpCare = Supposed replacement for Obamacare.
TrumpDump - Daily analyses of the Trump presidency by Heather Cox Richardson.
TrumpTrunk is full of junk.
Shock And Awe (The General Tommy Franks Syndrome) 
Spice Guy
Steve-adores  - Bannon and Miller.
Tramp - also known as Trump
The Well: The pit of bad, horrible, no good "ideas" Trump has come up with to bring disgrace to the highest office of the land. See this.
Wartime President - this label has been expanded to include the Trump presidency during the COVID 19 emergency and the civil unrest and protesting after George Floyd died.
Whistle Blower Gate: working title for the makings of the 2019 Trump Impeachment Proceeding. Alt name includes SharpieGate.

2016 Electoral Edition

Bloviating Trumpet = Donald Trump as a pesky clock.
Caca Phonies = Remember, Caca means "poop" in Spanish.
The cacophony of the Caca Phonies is like the sad sounds of hyenas chewing on a dying zebra. 
Grinch of Ging: Porkie during the 2015 Holiday Season
National Rifle Association =  National Rifle Association. Also, the mother's milk of the modern Republican Party.
Trumpy = The Muppetization of Donald Trump, presumably for television ratings.
Yeb = The proper pronunciation for the presumed 2016 Republican presidential candidate, Jeb Bush. Also, is supposedly the Anglicized version of Yeb of Heb (in honor of his Hispanic wife.)

2012 Electoral Edition

Ahnold Schwartzenpecker - Because there are similarities between the Governator and Woody Woodpecker.
BullMitt -: A way to save yourself from cursing.
Captain Abs = Paul Ryan
Etch-a-Sketchney = Portmanteau between Etch-a-Sketch the toy and Romney
Fantasy in Romneyland = It's like Camelot, but not really.
Fat Boy and the Blonde Lady = Chris Christie... and some blonde lady (Ann Romney)
FLOTUS = First Lady of the United States
GeeOpie = Grand Old Party (aka Republicans). Alternate spelling: GeeOpee 
His Elderness = Mitt Romney
His Mittness = Mitt Romney
His Mittency = Mitt Romney
It is apparent to me that His Mittency did receive some training from his father's career.
Leroy = Newt Gingrich's middle name
Lindsey Graham = A left-wing Republican; hated by the Tea Party because he wants amnesty for undocumented immigrants and to strengthen the social net for low-income and near-poor Americans
Lyin' Ryan = Paul Ryan, Republican nominee for Vice President
Maul Pitney = Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan
Mittfib = A lie told by Mitt Romney
Mittbot = Mitt Romney, as a robot
Mittless = Something less than Mitt Romney
Mittley = Mitt Romney
Mittnocchio = Mitt Romney and Pinocchio, the character from the animated Disney movie in which the main character's nose grew whenever he told a fib.
Pablo = Paul Ryan
Poppy Bush = George Herbert Walker Bush
Porkie = Newt Gingrich
Rip Nomree = Mitt Romney OR Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan
RomRyan = The 2012 Republican Party presidential ticket (Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan) RumRyan = The alcoholic version of the 2012 Republic Party presidential ticket
Slick Romney = Cunnning Mitt Romney
Sputtering Old Guys = McCain, Mitch, McConnell,  and Mittbot
Teapublican = Tea Party + Republican
The Cave = President Obama's Chicago-based campaign machine
The Party of the Stupid = aka the Republican Party
TRMS = The Rachel Maddow Show
Willard = Willard Mitt Romney
Zomney = Romney + Zombie