Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Something to Know - 14 February

 Flynn resigning, and KellyAnne Conartist considered as the next to go, we will stumble through another day of the White House antics.  I have fond memories of Dick Lane broadcasting from the Ascot stadium track near Wilmington, California  - do any of you remember Jalopy Derby, where old junkers would race around in circles and bump and crash into anything they could find?   Well, that is what car number 45's governance is all about.   He, himself, may not be the last car standing, but he is orchestrating and playing to the same crowd, and he just may quit after a while.   Beware of the dark black car (the Bannon Special), and his trusty mechanic (Miller), who have more junk on the inside track and are ready to jump into the lead when the time is right.   Another observation to be made is the apparent inability of Republicans to handle water.   We all recall Nixon and his problems that are in a big box called WATERgate.   Then we had George W (#43) who had problems as a result of the flooding and mayhem caused by Katrina.   California is in the precipice of a water spilling over and breaking water down to thousands of people down stream. Governor Jerry Brown has requested the White House for Emergency Federal Assistance, and there has been not response.   We will see where this goes, and I will not speculate at this point.  Let's lighten up a bit, and go with an Onion article from today's news:

Officials Struggling To Condense Trump's Intelligence Briefing Down To One Word

WASHINGTON—Telling reporters they were working hard to provide important national security updates to the new commander-in-chief in a manner he found most useful and actionable, intelligence officials confirmed Monday they have been struggling to condense President Donald Trump's briefings down to a single word. "The president prefers his briefs to be concise and straightforward, preferably no longer than two or three syllables, so we're now focusing on compressing each day's classified intel and any intercepted geopolitical chatter down to the sole most salient word," said Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland, adding that a team of staffers had been tasked with stripping each briefing of the overly technical or complex details that President Trump disliked, such as arcane insider terminology, multiple bullet points, and any compound or hyphenated words. "The president tends to grow frustrated if crucial intelligence is not delivered within the first seven letters or so. We recently gave him a briefing that consisted only of the term 'nuclear proliferation,' but he clearly became distracted by the end of the first word, so we shortened it to simply read 'bomb,' and he seemed to respond well to that." At press time, McFarland confirmed President Trump had asked officials to continue formatting his daily intelligence memos in the model of his most recent briefing, which consisted entirely of a brightly colored clip-art fighter jet.


Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. 

H. L. Mencken

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