Sunday, April 28, 2013

Something to Know - 29 April

Jeff Danziger
1.  Senator Bernie Sanders offers this listing of US corporations who park operational profits in offshore tax schemes in order to avoid paying IRS obligations.  Is this something to revere, or are we just blind and silent?   There should be outrage over this, yet nothing registers on our awareness scale.  Does Corporate America just get tell legislators what they will and will not pay, and still receive bailouts and tax breaks when they neither earn or deserve them?   What is wrong, and why do we do nothing about it?:

2.  As our austerity-driving mad men keep pushing their agenda, and while the Europeans are having second thoughts about what they have done, we continue on the course of an economic plan that is damaging and does us no real good:

3.  Contributing to the continuing discussion that George W. Bush is not fit to be considered fit for the job, we have Maureen Dowd, who more than adequately presents the continuing case:

4.  Steven Spielberg reveals his intention for his next epic movie project.   He harvests from his past successes and gives us a big hint:

"Tourist are mistakenly showing up at the George W. Bush Library in Dallas looking for "the significant quantities of Yellow Cake from Niger"
       -- The Molly Ivins Memorial Library Commission

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