Monday, April 29, 2013

Something to Know - 30 April

Matt Bors
1.  Anyone who has ever had the Internet cough up information about a subject which is no longer true, but was once true in a newspaper article, knows what this is all about.   The Internet continues to carry items that may have been expunged or clarified by normal legal procedures, or are now not valid. Bill Keller writes about the problems that the Internet poses for certain situations:

2. Paul Krugman kicks it up again on his favorite subject - Austerity is A Dumb Program for Us Now.   Now that Europe has figured out that their drive to have austerity measures save their skin is not working, but is in fact making things worse, just might help to have us think and do better about our own depressing situation here at home:

3.  The General Mood of our country is shifting to anxiety and unease about life that is no longer secure or financially stable.  The Middle Class is dying, and the disparate distribution of wealth is shattering the American Dreams.  The old adage that if you work hard you will succeed and prosper may no longer apply.  It is not working.  The promised ring at the end of the ride is not there.  The entitlements that we were expecting are not there.   What is wrong?   We need to find out, and do something about it, and soon.   History is replete with evidence that when things go wrong for too long, things change, and not very happily:


"Tourist are mistakenly showing up at the George W. Bush Library in Dallas looking for "the significant quantities of Yellow Cake from Niger"
       -- The Molly Ivins Memorial Library Commission

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