Friday, April 26, 2013

Something to Know - 27 April

Tom Toles
1.  The media is reporting that Congress is all happy about their progress in avoiding further "inconveniences" regarding the sequester issues that have fouled up the Air Traffic Control system.  Simply stated, members in Congress were so upset about being late to work and delayed on returning home, and faced further delays on getting out of the airport for their upcoming vacation.   Do they give one hoot about the other factions of our nation who are apparently not represented and are facing hardships greater than flight delays?  Look at those who are getting really squeezed or shut out and are living life at the bottom of the barrel:

2.  Going back to the Bush Library in Dallas, and keeping up the fair and balanced approach to the campaign to make believe that George W. Bush was not as bad as we think, here we go again:

3.  As has been posted her before, the incarceration problem here in the USA stands out like a sore thumb when compared to all other nations in the world.  The economic advantages to certain financial interests in this country are mostly responsible for this phenomenon.  Why do we allow it to continue?   It is all hush-hush throughout the paid-for legislators in city, county, and state government houses:


"Tourist are mistakenly showing up at the George W. Bush Library in Dallas looking for "the significant quantities of Yellow Cake from Niger"
       -- The Molly Ivins Memorial Library Commission

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