Thursday, April 25, 2013

Something to Know - 26 April



 It can be honestly stated and supported that satire and sarcasm are much better methods for exposing the fallacies of our society and systems of government.  Those forms of communication reach a broader audience than high-minded academic presentations that are usually prepared so that only other high-minded academics can understand.   To that end, here are several selections from various sources that help to support that proposition:

1.  On the failure of gun control legislation reform, a cartoonish history of previous attempts shame those who are contrary to the opinions of their previous political icons:

2.  In keeping with my previous promise, here is today's effort to honor the memory of our 43rd president:

3. Then, there is this Daily Show interview with Bassem Youseef, who is the equivalent of Jon Stewart in Cairo, and whose sarcasm is making Mohamed Morsi very edgy:

4.  Finishing up the satire and sarcasm lineup, we have Stephen Colbert who is following up on Paul Krugman with the Colbert Report's method of explaining the data sheet error that launched some very confusing presentations:

5.  However, at times, it is the grizzly and tragic photographs of reality that hit us at the core of our outrage.  And to think that there are some right-wing zealots out there who would have us believe that the Boston Bombing never happened, or if it did, it was perpetrated by our own government who wants to come after us.  WARNING: these photos are very real and graphic, and represent what ground zero was like in front of the Forum Cage of Boylston Street:


"The average Ph.D. thesis is nothing but a transference of bones from one graveyard to another. "
       -- J.Frank Dobie

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