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Things to Know - 29 August

Phyllis Schlafly faces storm at the Republican National Convention

1.  Yesterday, I wrote my own op-ed on the subject that corporate American and businesses should be freed from an implied or long-standing practice of providing health and pension care programs.  My wife was right - she said that my ideas were good, but that I should spend more time in re-arranging sentence and grammatical structure.   So, I will do so.  For now, just absorb it for your own usage, and we can talk about it later.    

2.  Mitt Romney is complaining about the ugly and nasty tone that his opponent is taking towards him.  Willard is actually whining like a hurt kid.  Whazzup with this guy?   He's been doing that all along to his fellow GOP opponents, and continued on with Obama.   Mitt apparently is very thin-skinned and can't handle criticism.  His disingenuous claims and his racist-tinged base energizing bombs of late do nothing to support his pious and lofty self-perception.   If anything, he can just read David Brooks today, and be totally dumped on by someone who is not a Democrat:

3.  The polls indicate that Obama is running away with the Hispanic vote.  There is no way putting lipstick on him or any other pandering Romney may undertake after the convention that  would improve his standing.  The Republican tent has Jan Brewer, Sheriff Joe, and the entire  conservative dim-witted state legislatures in the South that preach hatred.  The Republican Party is no friend of the Hispanic community.  The African-American voting block is all in for Obama.  Women are tired of the war being waged against them by the GOP.  The GLBT sector has not one whiff of support from the GOP.  The GOP is now basically old, white, and crazy, with no room for moderates.   America is a melting pot.   This pot has got to get out and vote, and if it does, perhaps the Republican Party will wake up to this fact, and quit dabbling in ideology that neglects and fails to nurture an enduring existence for all:

4.  With some attention given to Tampa, and more serious attention given to hurricane Isaac, some key points between the philosophies of both political parties come into play.  The Democrats are aware of and support the federal government where it, and it alone, is the only game in town that provides efficient and necessary services.  For example, GOP governor Rick Scott of Florida, declares his state in need of emergency assistance so that the Federal Government can provide emergency support to recover from the storm damage from Isaac.  The national weather service is the agency that is keeping an eye out and determining the direction and possible threatened areas in the path of the hurricane.  FEMA has been alerted to be on hand to provide emergency support and assistance to the states on the Gulf Coast.   This is all FEDERAL support.   The same FEDERAL classification that the Paul Ryan and his GOP cronies want to cut back on funding, while reducing taxes on the wealthy.   The hypocrisy demonstrated by the Republicans is sad and destructive to this nation.  I get this feeling that those in charge of the stage direction of the GOP convention are hoping that destructive storm forces hitting the landfall cites are not so severe that the TV coverage is pulled away from Tampa to cover a replay of Katrina.  That would really hurt, especially if it occurs during Ann Romney's moment of glory:

5.  With the above in mind, The GOP governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, responds to Obama's alert to FEMA, that the White House response is "not enough".   Hey, let's call George W. and have him fill sand bags for you.  What do you want, Bobby?  The very federal agency that your political party wants to slash with budget cuts is supposed to do what for you?   You are the kind of "don't tread on me" guy who wants to join Medicare when he finds out that he needs by-pass heart surgery.  Hypocrisy gone wild !!:

6.  I figured the Republican convention was not worth watching.  Nothing exciting was going to happen, and nothing did.  Fat Boy and the Blonde lady, and the weeping Speaker did fill my screen when I passed by the MSNBC channel to the Weather Channel.  Later in the evening, in my chores to get this job done, I found this tid-bit from the WashPost that indicates that Isaac was not the only storm in the area of the Gulf.  Romney's control-freak desire to manipulate is not going to go well for him from here on out:

7.  I guess if one had to sum up what the GOP did last night, this column is about as good as any that I have read.   I did not miss anything by passing up the coverage.   It was predictable, and apparently empty and hollow - just like the no longer presumptive nominee:

8.  The NY Times coverage of the events last night, have a bit more substance of the absence of truth presented by various speakers.  It is very difficult to inspire when what is being said is lacking in so many necessary ways:

9.  Bill Keller has taken to the position by many journalists.  The Republican Party is just making up stuff.  Stuff that is egregious, false, and just thinking it is okay to do so.   Calling out a pack of liars is about the only avenue left for responsible journalists, who can no longer tolerate the behavior of a once great party that has become a sordid mess of corrupt and unprincipled cheats:

10.  Cardinal Timothy Dolan has agreed to the Democrat's invitation to "bless" their party gathering in Charlotte next week.   Ain't that a hoot !!   Is there any big shot guy in Salt Lake City with the LDS church who can be extended the same invitation.  Boy, would that ever create a super wedgie in Mitts magic underwear:


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"The place where optimism most flourishes is the lunatic asylum." 
       -- Havelock Ellis
"The men who really believe in themselves are all in lunatic asylums." 
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       -- Quentin Crisp
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