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Things to Know - 30 August


Republican National Convention puts a brown face on a white party

Republican National Convention puts up a brown face for a white party

David Horsey / Los Angeles Times (August 28, 2012)

1.  The NY Times summed up Tuesday's GOP showing with not much that would make the Republicans happy.  The production staff of the convention and the scriptors got carried away with an out of context fabrication of a statement that Obama made and based an entire theme on it.  Yes, the Republicans built a weak and disingenuous motif out of whole cloth, and it left those few who were watching from the outside with an empty feeling:

2.  This next article is a contribution from the Crowley-Bello News Service, and it requires discipline and at least a half hour of your time to absorb and understand.  It is from Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi, and that should set it up as to what you are about to read.  It is a history of Mitt Romney and his grooming to become the leader of Bain and Company.  What Bain did, and how it did it is detailed - it exposes the underbelly of the shady and malevolent side of Capitalism and  how the greed-driven manipulators take advantage of every tool available, including unethical conduct, to produce great amounts of wealth.  In doing so, the companies that Bain loaded up with LBO debt are divested of every bit of cash and equity, and it is all taken by Romney and his investors. Left behind are employees with nothing.  Left to rot are the shells of buildings that used to be the cornerstone of a viable community.   Romney then takes his stash of money and uses every advantage written into the tax code so that he avoids the burden and sacrifice that US taxpayers assume as their bonding contract as citizens.  Willard Mitt Romney is the LDS clean-faced mystery fa├žade that hides all that is wrong with Capitalism, our tax laws, and ethical conduct of business.  He's made a lot of money in his life, but he has not built anything, not even a shoebox out of wood and his own handsaw hammer and nails.  And this guy wants us to believe he is the type of character that we need and want for president?   Not on my watch:

3.  Not seen on your normal TV convention coverage (cable or otherwise) was this spot from C-Span which really shows the Xenophobic hatred that is assembled in the GOP Convention in Tampa.   A woman from the Puerto Rican delegation (obviously set up to show the party's attempt to be inclusive), is shouted down by a rabble of Tea Party hate spewing delegates.   This is the Republican Party on display.   Shameful, disgusting, and hate-filled.   No...never:

4.  The Romney's in the lean years of the salad days in college.  Times were really tough.  They actually had  to live off of cashed in American Motors stock.   Oh to be in such poverty !!:

5.  You really have to wonder if being a delegate to the Republican National Convention to nominate a candidate for president is actually an opportunity to participate in the democracy of this country.  With a room full of these kind of people, is this really the United States of America?:

6.  A look from the UK, a Conservative House of Lords member, relays what he and his country feel about the political campaign we have here in the USA.   Apart from rejecting the GOP view that their NHS is a digrace, the Brits also can see that the Republicans have obstructed Obama from trying to push through his agenda, but also recognize that what he has been able to accomplish has been a credit and good.   They also would not welcome a GOP president and administration and consider it a push back to a great depression that would be bad for everyone in the world.   In short, the Republican Party as it exists today, is bad for America, bad for the UK, and bad for the world.   That about says it all:

7.  There apparently was one very crucial event early in the history of Bain and Company where the company was in very deep financial problems and was facing bankruptcy.  In a series of deals that Bain put together, it staved off going out of business for a short period of time, but then there was nothing left, but a bank that was owned by Bain, and what little it had left was able to provide enough leverage to get back out of the red.  That leverage was provided by the FDIC to Bain - yes the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (The American Tax Payer).   So, you can safely see that Romney did not build it - THE AMERICAN TAX PAYERS BUILT BAIN:

8.  EJ Dionne goes after NJ Gov. Chris Christie and sees his convention key note speech as claiming that providing adequate health care to those that have none, funding Social Security to give a recipient a $1,230/month benefit which propels him or her to at least half-way up to the 50-state defined poverty line, and granting students with Pell Grants as "living on a hammock on easy street".  Really?  Why does the GOP find it necessary to increases the tax breaks and loopholes for the very wealthy?  Jabba the Hut would do well to refrain from picking class warfare fights:

9.  The latest NY Times 538Blog, which is allowing for the RNC convention bounce, is not all that good for the Republicans.  Of course, things change, and we will continue to watch this particular blog.  The discussion seems to settle on two things (1) Is Obama really that good (2) is Rom/Ryan really all that bad.   Perhaps, there will be other possible responses.  I happen to think that the GOP has gone over the hill to places we have been before (aka te wrong direction), and hopefully this will put those twisted extremists back into their own tent and you can call them Tea Party, John Birchers, KKK, or whatever, but leave the Republicans alone:

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  1. FYI, the FDIC is financed by the banks. It is an insurance company that banks are required to purchase insurance from. So what Romney did is more like a 'slip and fall' in a grocery store when the 'accident' was his own doing. He 'injured' himself by performing poorly on his own workout plan and then hit up the insurance company to cover his loss. The American taxpayer was not paying just any customer of an FDIC insured bank.