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Things to Know - 17 August

     Matt Wuerker
1.   The direction of the campaign chatter has dramatically changed - mostly due to the installation of something tangible to talk about on the GeeOpee side (instead of just tax returns and gaffes).   Added to the cast of talking candidates is Joe Biden.  He has his strengths and weaknesses, but you cannot deny his experience.   He may at times speak over the top, and rankle sensibilities, but of all four candidates, he can relate and speak at the level of most of the voters, and get the succinct points across.  So, cut him some slack and let him go about the business of talking to the biggest block of voters out there:

2.  Here is Paul Krugman with a Cliff-Notes condensed explanation of the "Ryan Plan".  It is essentially conversion of Medicare ("as we know it") to a voucher system after 10 years.  During that period, the money removed from the Medicare Trust Fund will translate to corporate and tax breaks for the rich (this is the same money that Obama essentially keeps in the umbrella of the health care system to get 30 million or more people covered).   Ryan has no concrete policy proposals to actually cut costs other than to assert that they will happen, somehow:

3.  On the other end of the spectrum, you have Matt Taibbi, who is on a constant muckraking tirade Jihad on Wall Street.   He is extremely disappointed in our Attorney General, Eric Holder.   Read about it here.   We are left with the feeling that the only consolation we can have is that we know that a Republican-controlled administration would not even consider taking on Wall Street.   So, what now?:

4.  As we get closer to the November election, we will be regaled with political ads.  Much of them will be expertly crafted and magnificently edited.   The modern technology of the digital age gives us the collection of everything that was said in the past.  To this end, this compilation of Mitt Romney flip-flops will forever haunt him.  One can only come away that he is a congenital liar, or has no principles, or he is totally bereft of any connection to anything but the moment in which he currently finds himself.   Not good at all:

5.  Looking now at the chums and social atmosphere in which Romney operates, you can see where the federal government comes into play.  Large corporations are paying their CEOs huge compensation - yes very large, bordering on Uber-Obscene.  At the same time the corporations are paying little or now corporate taxes, while at the same time receiving tax credits or tax refunds or other tax loopholes.  In essence, we - the regular people, are giving companies or allowing companies to pay no taxes, while we subsidize their CEO compensation and bonuses.   Is this a great country or what?  Has there been any mention that the wealthy operate in a world we  do not understand?  Yes, the world according to MITT!!!:

6.  Apparently Mitt knows that people are still very interested in his tax returns.   To that end, he throws out that he "paid at least 13%", every year.   Fine....great....wonderful.    Prove it:

7.  The vetting of Ryan continues.  A few years ago, he was dead set against the Obama stimulus plan - "it is wasteful, it will not work, etc".    It turns out that he actually requested to various agencies that he wanted some of the stimulus money for his district.  He actually wrote and signed letters (which of course exist today, and for which there is recorded digital history).   In the letters, he actually said the stimulus money was need for his district to save or create new jobs and improve the local economy....yes, he actually wrote those words.   When questioned recently, he at first denied any such requests...then he said he did not recall any such requests   (starting to sound familiar?), and then when told that copies of his letters asking for stimulus money for all the great things it would do.......well, he kind of went speechless.  As it turns out, Captain RippedAbs is just another lying opportunistic sleaze ball, just like his boss:

8.  Using Romney's latest utterance on taxes, it would be interesting for you to follow along with the link's charts to see where he supposedly fits in.   If he is indeed paying 13%, even that is less than the average tax payer.   However, I want to examine his statement and have more data from his actual tax returns.  He is a master of hiding the truth behind the words he uses.   He says he has "paid 13% in taxes"  - let's just check on that statement.   There are four basic tax types (individual, payroll, corporate, and estate).   We really do not know how Mitt Romney structures his financials.  Is he all individual, or is he corporate, or does he just refer to the 13% he pays on the payroll of some company that he has created, without mentioning any of the other types that he conveniently ignores in his statement?   He is just full of shit, and I am sure that is not reported on his 1040, but the American  public is entitled to see more from a guy who wants our vote to be president:

9.  With high-minded rhetoric, dysfunctional melding of views on Medicare, and cow-towing to extreme right wing nuts, the RomRyan duo is off chasing at issues that it soon discovers it does not want to talk about in public.   So, to balance out their political strategy, RomRyan doubles down on SLEAZE with Sheldon Adelson.   The GeeOpee is trying to throw everything and everything out and see what sticks to the wall.  Nothing is sticking, so they have decided to act with their feet, and now they are stepping in it.  Yup the sleazy brown stuff:

10.  The NY Times 538 Blog is an interesting view of the nuts and bolts of the actual real time polling data.   RomRyan got a boost this last week (as per a normal VP rollout), but it was smaller than previous rollouts.  The numbers are tending to show Obama prevailing, which means that the Republicans are going to have to work harder on their new strategy for preserving and saving America - suppressing the vote!.   This means that the Democrats are going to have to work hard to get people registered and voting:

As you can tell, the material to fill these pages is abundant now that Romney has more than his taxes to explain.  However, we'll stop here and give it a rest.


"The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun." 
       -- Ralph Nader
"Much of the social history of the Western world over the past three decades has involved replacing what worked with what sounded good." 
       -- Thomas Sowell
"Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious." 
       -- Brendan Gill
"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so." 
       -- Douglas Adams
"It is better to have loved and lost than never to have lost at all." 
       -- Samuel Butler

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