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Things to Know - 15 August

The 1912 ticket

Republicans Mitt Romney and Paul D. Ryan should be running in 1912. (David Horsey / Los Angeles Times / August13, 2012)

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1.  As each day of the campaign unfolds, we learn of more about the two (RomRyan).  Today, we start off with the pathetic lack of foreign/international credentials on the part of Ryan.   He pretty much stayed away from those concerns in Congress, and focused on his domestic budget plan.   We already know about Romney's pathetic grasp.  Why Romney did not burnish the ticket with some decoration of understanding of the rest of the world can only be attributed to his lack of substance, his ignorance of the subject, and his cow-towing to the right to get their blessing.  Either way, it does not bode well as the days go on:

2.  A very interesting, and a very serious subject.  It is against the law for a political candidate to receive campaign contributions from foreign donors our sources (U.S. Supreme Court Decision Bluman vs. Federal Election Commission  - 9 - 0).  To that end do we look at Romney's well-publicized visits to London and Israel, where he spent addressing groups in order to bolster his campaign coffers?   Also, this smelly story coming out about Sheldon Adelson's coziness with gambling interests in Asia, and his Super Pac intentions to bankroll Romney....how do we handle that?   Not good:

3.  Here's a good question for the R&R duo.  Mitt Romney's son Tagg and his wife availed themselves of In Vitro Fertilization to have children.  Rompin' Ryan is a very vocal advocate and co-sponsored something called The Human Sanctity Act, which would have criminalized the very thing that was performed.   Does this make Mr. and Mrs. Tagg Romney criminals in Ryan's mind?   How does the voting public perceive this dysfunctional association between the two GeeOpee runners?:

4.  This is a great NY TImes article, a bit long - so prepare yourself.  It is in regard to the phenomenon that the general public, which is enjoying the benefits of federal programs and safety nets tends to be unaware of what is maintaining their standard of living.   At the same time there is an attraction to Republican candidates who espouse budget cutting and getting the deficit in order.   The two points (standard of living and money to support the programs) do not compute in their minds.   The phrase "...keep your government hands off of my Medicare" says it all.   It is not until one is made aware that there is actually a correlation between popular programs and income to support them, that realization.   About the only answer I have to this is that our general voting public is apathetic to how our government works, and what it takes to support all the things we want.   The other problem is, in this sea of lethargy, political agendas and candidates can be pulled out of the sky to further increase the inequality between the 1% and the 99%:

5.  I have become very cynical and suspect of the "market forces", "free enterprise", and "free from government regulation" demands from certain sectors of our nation.   Frankly, I am disgusted.   There is no way that I can really get behind anything that wants to remove government oversight on just about anything we do.  Why....you may ask?   Because every time I see a common sense solution to a problem, those forces are right there to destroy it.  Here is an example - The State of California will have Proposition 37 on the ballot in November, which would require informative labeling of consumer products that contain GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms).   Major manufacturers in the food industry are apoplectic since a poll taken recently shows that 69% of the voters are in favor of this.  So, the BIG AG Bidness is raising big money to defeat this.   Now, I ask, why do they want to shut this down?   All that is being asked is that shoppers should be able to look at the food package to see if any of the ingredients contain any GMO.   It is not a law to ban GMO.  The purpose is to inform the public what it is that they are about to eat or drink.   Why is it that it appears that the Food Industry does not want us to know that?   Is it because they just want to make up all kids of stuff to stuff on our plates without us knowing that it might be something that we would rather not buy?   That my friends, is the Corporate America that I am coming to really dislike:

6.  Bill Maher has found new material to talk about.  Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin.  Enjoy!:

7.  Dan Balz of the WashPost is right on target with the wavering commitment Romney has with Ryan on Medicare.  Romney is in a large turd of his own creation, and he's stuck.  Romney is going to have to defend the criticism being heaped upon the Ryan Medicare Plan...but wait a minute, Romney told us that Ryan was "the man".  Now there are defensive utterances by the GeeOpee stooges that "that there is a Romney Plan and a Romney Plan", but Romney won't tell us any details of his plan.  He'd be better off if he showed us his tax returns:

8.  This is probably and appropriate point in which to inject Ayn Rand into the rolling discourse.  She, of course, is the darling of the Conservative Movement, but in reality she would recoil in horror the way the right-wing extreme has gone on in her name.  Suffice it to say, that Atlas Shrugged is being ripped off the shelf just as quickly as people are finding out that their shallow allegiance is nothing but an admission of their simplistic, and error-prone mind set:

9.   A blast from the past.  Is the RomRyan duo a visit to political theory back in the beginning of the last century, or is it just a temporary rise of a movement which should finally be put to bed after this coming election?:


"The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable." 
       -- John Kenneth Galbraith
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