Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Things to Know - 19 July

Clay Bennett
1.  Staying right on topic, here is a very interesting way to explain Mitt Romney's problem on handling his "Bain Problem".   In effect, he's never been a "regular guy".  He's too much the silver-spoon product of the privileged-elite.  He's trying to run for an office that requires a "regular guy", and his attempts to be one, act like one, and understand like one fall flat:

2.  Ross Douthat has suggestions for Romney to try and be a "regular guy".  I don't think, personally, that it is going to work.  It's kind of like the presidency is not for those who need on-the-job training, or that he needs to grow up and mature during the Summer months before the convention in Tampa.  He's a bit beyond that, time-wise, and hes going to have to contend with those on his side of the line who begin questioning his "presumptive" legitimacy:

3.  Thom Hartmann has some other news (other that just tax returns) to talk about:

4.  There is an article that identifies 18 "prominent Republicans" who have the opinion that Romney must release his tax records.  Folks, the list gets longer every day, and there is no way that the Romney campaign is going to get out from under or behind this:

5.  What little tax return information that Romney has released, even that is drawing some very curious questions.  In the matter of his IRA, which is estimated in value between  $20.7 million and 101.6 million for example.  You and I are all familiar with IRA plans, since we are all "regular guys".   The maximum I as an employee, with matching funds, could receive from my contribution and the company is $30,000 per year.   How is is possible that Romney can park  that amount of money?   In one sense, he is really a regular guy, in that his lifespan should be about the same as us.  For him to have between 20.7 and 101.6 million dollars, he would have to have been doing so for a period from 690 years or 3,386 years.  That just does not smell right:

6.  Romney takes his out-of-touch done-deaf campaign business over to London, where they are embroiled in their own banking scandal (LIBOR - London Interbank Offered Rate), and parties with the big names who are in the middle of the scandal.  This is the 'foreign" business sense he has:

7.  No talk about tax returns? let's talk about VP:

8.  Capital One is now required to refund $150 million to customers that it swindled into buying things that were misrepresented or did not need.  Remember Elizabeth Warren?   She's the one who the Republicans were dead set against running the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which cam into being (also against the Republicans wishes), and continue to put forth plans to de-fund the agency.  Why?   Because the banks are fearful of action that just happened today - enforcing behavior by punishing the banks for crap that they have done all the time in the past:

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