Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things to Know - 20 July

1.  The Romney campaign's long-term plans for an agenda is rather limited and weak.  Instead, it must be a real hurry-up and huddle meeting every evening to figure out what stuck yesterday, and what to try tomorrow.  There is no consistency, because for the most part, Mitt is now constantly on the defensive.  How long he can go like this is anyone's guess, but he's guaranteed to go down in flames if he loses:

2.  Michelle Bahman's contribution to Romney's efforts is not to directly endorse him but to energize the crazies on the extreme right.  Bachman has resorted to demand a full congressional investigation of one Huma Abedin and the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in our national politics.  In other words, she along with four other screwy crazies ( Rep Gomert of Texas and my old idiot congressman from Georgia - Lynn Westmoreland, plus two others of equal or lesser competency) are grandstanding.  IN other words, evoking the same grand theater of Joe McCarthy, instead of crying "Commies" and now screaming "Muslims" with no facts or evidence.  Seemingly, the mere mention of a "Muslim-sounding" name is all that is needed.  Bachmann and her boys are so bad and harmful that John McCain stood up on the floor of the Senate and denounced Bachmann, Westmoreland, Gomerts, Rooney, and Franks for their reprehensible action.  McCain, for all his faults, can, and does speak out.  He did the same when the crazy lady with the red shirt called Obama "an Arab", and John McCain stopped her and told her she was wrong and praised Obama for being a decent American with whom he had serious differences.  He did that in front of thousands as witness.   Bachmann and the others have no shame:

3.  We now have evidence that Mitt's wife Anne has a very simplistic understanding on voters' demands to find out as much as they need about the candidates running for office.  It's basically an insult to state that we ("you people") know what you need to know.   It really is hard to accept them as "regular people", when the Romneys regard themselves privileged enough to be above having to fill out the civil service exam qualifications the rest of us do to move on in life.  Simply stated, no one asked Romney to run for office, but since he has chosen to do so, he has to play by all the rules, and contrary to the standards that apply to the top of the 1%, he cannot make the rules.   If he does not like the rules, he can always drop out of the race:

4.  The punditry-world has dried up on writing anything really new on Romney's tax returns, although I did see something this morning that even what he has submitted is not fully complete (lacking a form regarding his Swiss Bank Account), and there is some really sad and shady history on the source of funding that started off Bain Capitol in its early days.  So, let's go to Mitt's alternate possible grand theater and check in on any opinions regarding his VP choice, or as the Wash Post here describes as the case against Bobby Jindal:

5.  Thom Hartmann helps to fill on a few other items that would normally fall through the cracks:

6.  Elizabeth Warren explains the LIBOR corruption.   The financial industry from Wall Street to London, to anywhere is incapable of regulating itself.  It stinks, and the financial scions hope that it is so confusing that no one will understand it.   This is when real leadership is allowed to step up and fix it.  Unfortunately, the Republicans block every move, because they are all bought and paid for by lobbyists:

7.  Paul Krugman continues the observation that as the elite son of privilege, Mitt Romney is not familiar with the terrain in which running for public office, President no less, requires him to conform to protocols foreign to his nature:

8.  David Brooks points out that the conduct of foreign policy under the Obama administration is about as good as you can get.   With all the events popping up all over the world, each challenge has been met with swift competence.   Mitt Romney's comprehension of foreign policy, and his views have not entered the fray, because there is no issue to pick on.  Just as well, since Romney would probably be gaffe-prone anyway.   The competence of his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is notable and having her in that position is excellent:

9.  This editorial points out that the Republicans are the victims of their own power-play games.   The tables have turned after one year, the the Democrats are fully prepared to let all the Bush tax cuts expire, and the $1.2 Trillion in automatic spending cuts take place at the same time.  Not only will the wealthy have to return to paying taxes from the pre-Bush days, but expenditures to feed the Military Industrial Complex will kick in.   Boehner and McConnell are in frustrated red-faced apoplexy, while the Dems can just sit sight if they want to:

10.  Proposition 37 on the November California ballot will be heavily lobbied and Super Packed.   Requiring food product labels to have information on any Genetically Modified Organisms is a big deal.   It does not BAN the stuff, it just offers the consumers the opportunity to see what the food is made of, and if there is anything that they want to avoid.  Californians just have this insatiable desire to know what the heck they are eating.   Of course, Big Agriculture will work all the buttons and lobby pockets to turn this one back.   Us knowing what we are eating is bad business for the food companies:,0,2452357.story


"Don't try to solve serious matters in the middle of the night." 
       -- Philip K. Dick
"I have only one superstition. I touch all the bases when I hit a home run." 
       -- Babe Ruth
"Get all the fools on your side and you can be elected to anything." 
       -- Frank Dane
"I used to wake up at 4 A.M. and start sneezing, sometimes for five hours. I tried to find out what sort of allergy I had but finally came to the conclusion that it must be an allergy to consciousness." 
       -- James Thurber

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