Monday, July 16, 2012

Things to Know - 17 July


1.  Cynthia Tucker is here to remind us that the essence of bigotry is always lurking in every corner of of just about every issue.  The opposition codes it into essential discussions and campaign programming to keep the base in line with the election goals.  It is an ugly tool, and its usage by the extremists (who now have a choke-hold on the GOP) is a an unfortunate and hateful display of how sad and how low they can be overt and still get away with it.  It says something about our culture that is not good.  Is there no shame in Bigotry?:

2.  Romney is now past the point where a smart business man and politician would not have come near.   It is now conventional wisdom that he cannot put the issue of Bain Capitol behind him, and the nagging other collateral issues (tax returns, tax havens, Swiss bank accounts, etc) are just stuck on to him forever.  His problem is that he figured that his arrogance, handlers, and his total financial domination could keep him clear and above the sharks.  Well, it didn't.  He still has not convinced the big money boys that he is worth the billions promised to float his boat, since they are just as skeptical about his integrity and marketability.  Not that his integrity or Mr. Clean Image is a factor in the Koch Brothers and Super-Pac Systems Rove are in play - not at all.   He's just an unlikable guy who has bombed out and lost his first game of high-stakes Chicken.   This game of Chicken will go on as long as Romney withholds any financial information, and the longer he goes on like this, the weaker he will become.  His grand insult will be when he is just ignored.   The Big Money boys will just go out and find some other stooge to put in his place.  Whoever said the New Republican Party is a fair and patriotic organization?   The Mafia shows more loyalty:

3.  Thom Hartmann, with news on some on-going Euro-Zone issues, and for the first time you hear mention of the topic that the Republicans may be thinking of retro-actively removing Romney from the top of the ticket, along with with the questioning of the legitimacy of Grover Norquist.  Do you get the sense that the real Republican Party is out there somewhere and desperately trying to make things right?:

4.  The Santa Monica News Bureau has received a leaked document that originated in the 2008 John McCain Campaign.  It is the opposition file developed on Mitt Romney back then.  I am not going to read it now, but you can imagine that there will be all sorts of interpretations out there from the professionals in the news media who will muddle on through it and pick out the choice morsels for discussion:

5.  Eugene Robinson is on track with the opinion that Romney has created for himself situation that is not very promising at all for his campaign.   Next round will be opinions on how he should best drop out:

6.  David Brooks makes a good attempt to expand the dialogue on the vision of Capitalism by both Obama and Romney.  Mitt wanted to be accepted as the guy who knows how to run a business and criticizes Obama for his lack.  However, it is Obama who seems to dominate the discussion (if there is one), and has generated actions and plans that reveal is global vision of American Capitalism.   It is Romney, who has the very narrow vision of a a venture capitalist, and doing it efficiently, ...and Romney is doing everything he can to hide his experience.  So the only thing Mitt could have going for him is being denied to him by his own character and campaign agenda.   He certainly can't what else can he try and do?:

7.  The Republicans are in their lock-down mentality on anything that smacks of reform.  They are so hard-wired into the corruption of our government by corporations, that they are unable to twitch any muscle that shows weakness.  There are however, splashes at the edges, starting with a comical rebellion on Grover Norquis that things may be changing.   For now, they will have to settle for a reputation as the most disgusting and corrupt assembly of elected officials known to US History:

8.  Jonah Goldberg is hardly known as your go-to-guy for supporting Democrats, so his contribution here is memorable.   Goldberg praises Obama for his stands on issues, and is ability to navigate global economic issues in spite of results that don't mesh with more conservative programs.   What Goldberg does is take Romney to the shed for not defending his successes in doing what he seems to have done well - take businesses in bad straits, trim them up, shed the fat and inefficiencies (and yes fire people and force the weak into bankruptcy), and make a whole pile of money for him and his investors.  No, Romney is not saying anything.  One would have to ask - why?  Again, you have to look deeply into the flawed character of the guy, and no one has an answer for that.   Goldberg, you might say, thinks that Willard Mitt Romney is a Wuss:


"Here's a tip to avoid death by celebrity: First off, get a life. They can't touch you if you're out doing something interesting." 
       -- Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine
"A man's silence is wonderful to listen to." 
       -- Thomas Hardy
"Never judge a book by its movie." 
       -- J. W. Eagan
"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint." 
       -- Mark Twain

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