Sunday, July 15, 2012

Things to Know - 16 July

Pat Oliphant
1.  Proving once again, that he is an empty suit, with no integrity or character, Mitt Romney's response, when questioned, was that he had "no comment" about the fact that USA athletes in the London Olympics had their uniforms made it China.   He had no comment, because he was not programmed to have an answer to that.  I am going to predict that by the next two days, he will have had the opportunity to visit with his bungling handlers, and they will tell him how he should have responded, and then he will tell us what he had meant to say.   They guy is severely lame when it comes to the exercise of critical thinking - and that is definitely a DNA trait that is not welcome in anyone running for president:

2.  The Santa Cruz News Bureau makes this contribution to today's project.   As you probably are aware, the weekends are very slow news days, and this one is no exception.  Other than what someone might say on the Sunday-Morning talk-show circuit, nothing is really said.  Mitt says that he has already released as much as he is going to, so that pretty much ends his campaign.   Now, The Mighty Banana Slugs of Santa Cruz makes a re-visit to one very influential demographic  - to what extent will the Latino vote influence this year's election?:

3. Bill Keller addresses the bogey-man scare ginned up by the Republicans that "Obama Care" is a bad thing.  It is NOT, and people should just forget about listening to the lies.   The reason one hears so much anti ACA rhetoric is that the Republicans are well aware that if people get used to having it, they are going to find that they like it, and that it is affordable, meets its mission, and guarantees so much health services for many who never had any.  If anything, the Democrats should be defending it, and feeling proud about it:

4.  Paul Krugman is there to back up the President that the issue of the Bain Capital involvement by Romney, and his refusal to release his tax records is central to the discussion on the fitness and integrity of Willard Miit Romney, not just to be president, but to actually run for it is front and center.  Romney has drawn his line in the sand, and nothing should advance until the issues are cleared up:

5.  Grover Norquist is losing his grip and control over those who "signed his pledge".  Republican Senators and Congressmen are asking Romney to release all of his tax records, and get the show on the road.  Do you think that the Romney Camp is basking in the lovely light of the presumptive kingdom?   Not hardly.  He is desperately running for the real nomination and support of the big money, and is fearful that he may be dropped  - Romney should be placed on suicide watch:

6.  The NY Times editorial board is now on board with the demand that Romney release all of his records.    Willlard - oh Willard.....How much do you love America?     .....we can't hear you ....:


"Here's a tip to avoid death by celebrity: First off, get a life. They can't touch you if you're out doing something interesting." 
       -- Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine
"A man's silence is wonderful to listen to." 
       -- Thomas Hardy
"Never judge a book by its movie." 
       -- J. W. Eagan
"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint." 
       -- Mark Twain

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