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Something to Know - 29 May

Is this more important or worth your interest than what was sent out previously on this date?   You be the judge.  As far as I know, BIG football money is denigrating higher education.   Why do I say that?   Well, schools who decide to emphasize winning and are in the top tier of Division One of the NCAA, make it their business to attract the best athletes to assemble winning teams.   The thought of student-athletes who labor hard on the athletic fields, and who are coached by a system that bestows obscene salaries way beyond the structure of normal standards of academia.....well, that seems to be wrong by me.  Capitalism has oozed its way into the world of amateur athletics, and is corrupting the educational system.   At this point, all we can do is watch how this oozing is transpiring, and see how much the colleges and universities are willing to tolerate before they all become just another layer of corporate business rather than institutions of learning.

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