Monday, December 25, 2023

Atlantic Magazine "If Trump Wins"

This is the front cover of the Atlantic Magazine.   Each article is a story worth reading.   Each article will be presented each day that Something to Know is sent out, starting on Tuesday 2 January.

J A N U A R Y / F E B R U A R Y

2 0 2 4

T H E A T L A N T I C . C O M

If Trump Wins

David Frum on autocracy

Anne Applebaum on NATO

McKay Coppins on the loyalists

Caitlin Dickerson on immigration

Barton Gellman on the Justice Department Sophie Gilbert on misogyny

Zoë Schlanger on climate

George Packer on journalism

Sarah Zhang on science

Franklin Foer on corruption

Michael Schuman on China

Adam Serwer on the courts

Juliette Kayyem on extremism

Elaine Godfrey on abortion

Megan Garber on disinformation

Clint Smith on history

Ronald Brownstein on partisanship

David A. Graham on normalization

Vann R. Newkirk II on civil rights Spencer Kornhaber on freedom

Tom Nichols on the military

Helen Lewis on the left

Jennifer Senior on anxiety

Mark Leibovich on America's character

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