Thursday, September 8, 2022

Something to Know - 8 September

Well, for many of the readers who live outside of the South West, you know that California is hot and full of fire.   Aircraft on approach to our LAX airport get a first hand view from the sky of the various large fires and columns of smoke.   Yesterday, it was 109 degrees as we came out to the parking lot from a restaurant from an afternoon lunch at the Ontario Mills Mall; very hot.   I realized that we retired folk have no business going outside on days like this.   Perhaps the forecasted storm from a hurricane will moisten our parched earth and cool us down this weekend.   So - for this morning, two things; 1) an example from the Lincoln Project on its assumed rule of taking on the MAGA wing of the GOP, and 2) HCR on the creeping MAGA takeover plans on government:
(this is included as an example of taking the issue right to the heart of the GOP, and not necessarily an ask for a donation)

Over the next few months, we're going to witness a collision between two sects of the GOP: Trump's ultra-MAGA diehards vs. the cynical GOP members who bend the knee because it's the easiest way to get power. (Remember, there are no anti-Trumpers in the GOP anymore).

If we play this right (which we will – that's how we defeated Trump in 2020) this collision will shake the GOP to the core and ensure the success of our pro-democracy movement.

Here's what's going to go down: Trump will continue to barnstorm the country, promising to hold rallies for candidates, but instead deliver depraved ramblings about the FBI and his long laundry list of ego-driven complaints. Of course, his hand-picked ultra-MAGA candidates will eat this up. They know his endorsement won them their primary, so Trump could personally humiliate them on stage, and they'd smile and applaud along while he does it (see: Christie, Chris). And the ones who follow him for proximity to power will smile and nod, too.

(As an aside: who says Trump's an idiot about branding? On his failing social media site, Trump handed us a really good way to paint the entire GOP: the "Trump ticket." Seriously, you can't make up how good that is for us. Thanks for that.)

Everyone but the MAGA-verse sees that Trump's one of the least popular politicians in the country. That Republicans have massively underperformed in six straight special elections. And Mitch McConnell now realizes when voters step into the voting booth, they won't see an R next to the candidate's name. Voters will just think about ultra-MAGA and Donald Trump. (That's what happened in the New York special and in Alaska). They'll remember January 6th, the oppressive abortion restrictions, the incessant attacks against law enforcement, and they won't vote for the Republican no matter who the candidate is. 

That's their worry. But that's our strategy. Donate today to help us make this choice clear to voters from now through Election Day. 

Trump will be taking his unpopular agenda and his unpalatable ego to swing states and swing districts across the country because he can't stand not sucking up all the political gravity in the universe.

Trump's base is going to love it. But some former GOP voters are going to silently resent it, because ultra-MAGA is way too wacky for them. Trump has a thin tightrope to walk and there's no f'ing way he pulls it off. Every time one of his Trump Ticket candidates slips, we're gonna be there with a megaphone.

Tldr: Donald Trump wants to make this election about Donald Trump. Good. Let's let him do it. There's no political organization on the planet better than us at defeating Trumpism. 

We're living in Trump's head and we're reaching the voters who will defeat him. Will you donate today to help us continue doing this critical work? 

"The Republicans are the party that says government doesn't work and then they get elected and prove it."

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