Friday, December 11, 2020

Covid-19 Status for Our Inland Empire

This is a Nextdoor posting about a major hospital just east of Claremont California (San Antonio Hospital).   There should be no doubts about the seriousness of the disease, and its reach into our communities.

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Carl Bunch

San Antonio Hospital is so full with Covid19 patients that it is in Internal Disaster Mode. This letter was sent out today by San Antonio Hospital's President. Felt it was important for all, not just front line workers. I was given permission to share. God bless. Dear SARH Medical Staff provider, The hospital is experiencing its worst surge yet, we have 141 hospitalized Covid patients at this time, we are short on staff, on beds and especially TELE beds. The ER is currently holding approximately 50 patients who have been admitted and who we have not been able to make room for, and the patients and the ambulances keep coming... We are officially in Internal Disaster Mode. The command center is in contact with ICEMA, EMS and all area hospitals to assist with transfers, however at this time almost all LA and SB county hospitals are saturated and in the same position. We need your help! Please reevaluate all your telemetry patients for downgrades so that I don't have to call you! Please follow appropriate criteria to put patient on Telemetry and Med/Surg to start with and please re evaluate daily if the clinical condition improves! For all specialists getting consulted from the ER, please help the ED and your Hospitalist colleagues arrange close outpatient follow up especially if it can avoid observation admissions! All elective procedures/surgeries are cancelled for tomorrow. Thank you SK Sara Khan, MD President of Medical Staff San Antonio Regional Hospital

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