Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Something to Know - 3 April

Clay Bennett Comic Strip for April 03, 2019

I have not contributed much lately.   The crazy real news involving Individual #1 is just not worth getting published.   What would formerly pass as an outrageous and totally unexpected event is now totally expected.  The bar for presidential behavior is so low that historians are using new tools to go far below into new territory.   The guy seems to be rattled as of late about something.   Is it that he has been advised that the material in the "Mueller Report" is actually damaging to him, and that he could lose his job?   Why is he hung up with Oranges, and the origins of Citrus?   And why is he claiming that his Bronx-born dad was born in Germany?  Here's a tidbit that might have traction, and could bust something open:

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House Democratic chairman asks IRS for 6 years of Trump's tax returns
The long-awaited move comes as House Democratic committee leaders are issuing subpoenas as part of a series of investigation into the president and his inner circle.
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"Yes, yes, but I bring that out in people. I do. I'm not saying that's an asset or a liability, but I do bring that out. ...I bring rage out. I do bring rage out. I always have."
- Candidate Donald J. Trump in April, 2016

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