Thursday, April 11, 2019

Something to Know - 11 April

Me thinks there is a big hoax being perpetrated on us.   The above photo is supposedly an image of a "black hole" that astrophysicists never thought was possible.  It allegedly proves that Einstein was correct on the theory that gravity sucks everything up into a hole.   In reality it looks to me like what I used to see after working long days into nights at Western Airlines back in my early days of after-work bar hopping around LAX and looking up at the blur of Randy's Donuts on Manchester Boulevard at 3 in the morning.


"Yes, yes, but I bring that out in people. I do. I'm not saying that's an asset or a liability, but I do bring that out. ...I bring rage out. I do bring rage out. I always have."
- Candidate Donald J. Trump in April, 2016

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