Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Something to Ponder - 13 November

  • "The president has grumbled for months about what he views as Nielsen's lackluster performance on immigration enforcement and is believed to be looking for a replacement who will implement his policy ideas with more alacrity." 
The "president", and his lack of knowing and understanding history, has heard that a certain guy by the name of Heinrich Himmler might be the one he is looking to put into the head of Homeland Security.   Unfortunately, there is no one on his staff who has the courage to tell him that he is wrong to follow that assumption.    We might also ask why our "president' was absent from any ceremony honoring veterans yesterday.   


"Yes, yes, but I bring that out in people. I do. I'm not saying that's an asset or a liability, but I do bring that out. ...I bring rage out. I do bring rage out. I always have."
- Candidate Donald J. Trump in April, 2016

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