Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Something to Know - 18 September

I thought that I had sent this out, but I could not find it anywhere in my outgoing mails, so here it is for the first time.  If it's the second time. please re-read it.    It is an interview that was done by the daughter of a friend of mine.   Michael Muller and I apparently became friends back in August of 1959 when we were on a trip to Canada and back (from the 1st Unitarian Church in Los Angeles).  I say "apparently" because after decades, I was sending messages all around to find if anyone was on the same Greyhound bus that stopped in Amarillo, Texas, and we found ourselves in the 1st sit-in of the Civil Rights era at a Woolworth's snack bar.   Michael Muller answered that question, saying "yes, I was on that same bus, and we were with the same group".  Long story, but we got hassled by the cops and got tossed back on the bus, because we had a person of color with us, and we were bound and determined to be served.   There are two attachments here.   The first is Michael Muller's draft interview, that is a hoot to read, and then the poem that Michael wrote regarding Amarillo.   Good reads:

ps - Michael lives in Ojai, and I live in Claremont.  We still have not seen each other since 1959.   The Internet brought us together, and kept the conversation alive.   Ojai and Michael are on my bucket list.


"I fell in love with my country when I was a prisoner in someone else's."
- John McCain

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