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Something to Know - 12 July

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Okay, I'm all packed and just about ready to go (flight on Aer Lingus leaves Saturday evening).  So, my sister (Santa cruz News Bureau), sends this off-the-shelf creation that I am too lazy to ignore, and is about the U.K (of which concerns Scotland and part of Ireland).  The American President is an uncouth, uncultured, illiterate, unsophisticated sloth.  All is "uns" explains his affinity with Kim Jong Un.  It will be interesting to pass through the U.K. and NATO countries to assess collateral damage.  Trump is doing a job that the most masterful Russian agent could only dream about.

British Launch Nationwide Assault On Trump And His Ego


The British are laying multiple traps for Trump to guarantee his global humiliation during his scheduled visit later this week.

Considering recent events, it shouldn't come as a great surprise that the British are doing their best to guarantee that Trump is thoroughly humiliated during his scheduled visit this week.

Trap #1: "American Idiot" 

CNN reported on Tuesday that "There's a British campaign to make Green Day's 'American Idiot' the No. 1 song when Trump arrives" on Friday.

For the past couple of weeks, a social media campaign has sought to make Green Day's classic 2004 jam "American Idiot" the No. 1 tune in the UK by the time Trump arrives Friday…. The campaign asks people to download "American Idiot" between Friday, July 6, and Friday, July 13, to push the 14-year-old single to the top of the Official UK Charts. So far the effort appears to be working, with the song checking in at No. 18 on the chart Tuesday.

British media giant, The Independent, elaborated on the effort, reporting:

"American Idiot" was originally written in part about President George W. Bush and features lyrics such as: "Don't wanna be an American idiot/One nation controlled by the media/Information Age of hysteria/It's calling out to idiot America."

It was recently referenced by Sen. Tim Kaine, who suggested that if the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, planned on gifting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with a CD of Elton John's song "Rocket Man", Kim should reciprocate with "American Idiot".

TRAP #2: Nationwide Protests

The Independent reported that "In January, Mr Trump reportedly told Theresa May that he would not visit unless she banned protests, which she said would be impossible."

Indeed there are multiple protests scheduled throughout the United Kingdom this week, with The Independent reporting that: "Activist Leo Murray successfully raised the necessary £16,000 to pay for 'Project Trump Baby' – a six metre-high inflatable baby resembling Trump, with unusually small hands and feet, which will be flown over London when the real-life version arrives."

The Guardian added that the "'angry Trump baby' balloon will fly over Westminster from Parliament Square after the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, gave permission for it, before mass marches begin at midday."

The Guardian also reported on other scheduled protests:


  • "Trump is expected to be at the US ambassador's residence in Regent's Park, London, overnight and at 5.30pm on Thursday protesters plan to greet him with a 'wall of sound.' More demonstrations are planned for Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, later in the evening, when Trump and his wife, Melania, will be guests of honour at a dinner for 100 guests."


  • "Women's March London – which brought 100,000 people to the streets of the capital in 2017 – will assemble at 11am outside the BBC offices in Portland Place before leaving at 12.30pmto move along Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus and Whitehall, culminating in a rally at Parliament Square." 'The Women's March is led by women but it is not just about women, we will have every voice in society represented,' said Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, its London co-organiser. 'The Trump-Pence administration has overseen a massive regression in women's rights, and it is not enough to say this is happening somewhere else, this is not our business. We have to stand up.'
  • "A second London demonstration led by Stop Trump – which includes members of the TUC, Stop the War and Friends of the Earth – will also start outside the BBC's headquarters at 2pm, ending at 5pm in Trafalgar Square, where organisers hope 'very large numbers' – in the tens of thousands – will attend."
  • "For the Bring the Noise rally, organisers are encouraging marchers to take 'pots and pans out of the kitchen … and on to the streets, banging to show our disapproval and claiming our political voice in public space.'"

The Guardian concluded their report, noting that: "There will also be demonstrations on Friday evening in Glasgow and on Saturday in Edinburgh at noon."

For anyone planning on being in the U.K. this week, the Evening Standard published an article detailing "where to peacefully protest" Trump's visit.


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