Monday, February 1, 2016

Andy Borowitz


Cruz Victory Gives Hope To Despised People Everywhere



DES MOINES (The Borowitz Report)—Senator Ted Cruz's stunning victory in the Iowa caucuses is serving as a beacon of hope to despised people across the nation, a number of disliked Americans confirmed on Monday.

In interviews from coast to coast, dozens of pariahs said that the Cruz triumph meant that "the sky's the limit" for widely hated people like them.

Tracy Klugian, a real-estate agent from Jupiter, Florida, said that the fact that she has systematically alienated her co-workers, by bad-mouthing them to management and stealing their listings, no longer seems like an obstacle to advancement.

"Sometimes, knowing that everyone in the office hates me so much that they won't even ride in an elevator with me kind of brought me down," she said. "That's why this Cruz thing is such a game-changer."

Chuck Greister, a general contractor who has incurred the wrath of hundreds of clients for his shoddy work and flagrant, who-gives-a-crap attitude, said that Ted Cruz's victory in Iowa has "been nothing short of inspirational."

"Showing up four hours late or drinking on the job site—sure, loads of people hated me for that," Greister said. "But a little hate never stopped a gentleman named Mr. Ted Cruz."

In the wake of the Iowa caucuses, America's most unlikeable people were lighting up Facebook with comments in praise of Cruz, bursting with pride that one of their number had a legitimate shot at the White House.

"There are a lot of despised little kids out there who probably think that they'll never be President," Klugian said. "Ted Cruz gives them a reason to dream."


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