Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Climate Change is Very Real

The reality of rising oceans is upon us now.  This article, along with some beautiful pictures, shows how the Marshall Islands are disappearing.  Among many of the obvious problems that result, think about what is to become of the people who populate these islands in the Pacific.   Do you think ISIS is just a theological group to impose the Caliphate?  - most likely it is partly caused by many years of drought in the Middle East, which has created political instabilities, and ruined any hope of growing any food, causing migration of millions to cities and other countries.   Climate Change is real, and we are already in the midst of its effects.  Meanwhile, political demagogues and dirty political money would have you believe that it is either a hoax or subject that needs to be researched more.   Is it too late?  Some say yes, others say maybe.   You may want to take this very seriously:


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