Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Something to Know - 7 October

Mike Luckovich

I often have better things to pass on than this one.  However, just like people are fascinated with TV coverage of police pursuits, fake wrestling, and hot dog eating contests, there is a something about the current GeeOpie state of internal affairs on their struggle for a new House Speaker that is fun to watch.  Take this latest tidbit from the Tea Party on their strategy and on where they stand:

Dear Juan,

We are hearing that after last night's meeting between four conservative groups in the House and the candidates for leadership, that the conservatives are holding strong and will not vote for McCarthy. This is exactly where we need to be, BUT that means the pressure that will be applied to these conservatives to cave is only going to get stronger.

Call conservatives in the House and tell them to continue to stand strong. Give them encouragement by telling them that millions of Americans are standing with them and want them to continue to push for real change in the leadership of the House.

We've already established that McCarthy is Boehner 2.0 and we aren't willing to settle for that.

Don't fall for the trap of picking conservative "person x" or "person y" for Speaker. The establishment wants to split the conservative block in the House in order to usher in McCarthy and give us the same old leadership. The most important thing right now is that conservatives stick together and deny Kevin McCarthy the Speakership.

Read more about the strategy>

Call these conservative members and tell them:

  1. Do not vote for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker
  2. Stick together and use your power as a block to help usher in a better kind of leadership.
Justin AmashMI-3202-225-3831
Ron DeSantisFL-6202-225-2706
John FlemingLA-4202-225-2777
Scott GarrettNJ-5202-225-4465
Jim JordanOH-4202-225-2676
Raúl LabradorID-1202-225-6611
Mark MeadowsNC-11202-225-6401
Mick MulvaneySC-5202-225-5501
Matt SalmonAZ-5202-225-2635
Brian BabinTX-36202-225-1555
Rod BlumIA-1202-225-2911
Dave BratVA-7202-225-2815
Jim BridenstineOK-1202-225-2211
Mo BrooksAL-5202-225-4801
Ken BuckCO-4202-225-4676
Curt ClawsonFL-19202-225-2536
Scott DesJarlaisTN-4202-225-6831
Jeff DuncanSC-3202-225-5301
Trent FranksAZ-3202-225-4576
Louie GohmertTX-1202-225-3035
Paul GosarAZ-4202-225-2315
Morgan GriffithVA-9202-225-3861
Andy HarrisMD-1202-225-5311
Jody HiceGA-10202-225-4101
Tim HuelskampKS-1202-225-2715
Steve KingIA-4202-225-4426
Darrin LaHoodIL-18202-225-6201
Barry LoudermilkGA-11202-225-2931
Cynthia LummisWY-At Large202-225-2311
Tom McClintockCA-4202-225-2511
Alex MooneyWV-2202-225-2711
Gary PalmerAL-6202-225-4921
Steve PearceNM-2202-225-2365
Scott PerryPA-4202-225-5836
Ted PoeTX-2202-225-6565
Bill PoseyFL-8202-225-3671
Reid RibbleWI-8202-225-5665
Keith RothfusPA-12202-225-2065
Mark SanfordSC-1202-225-3176
David SchweikertAZ-6202-225-2190
Marlin StutzmanIN-3202-225-4436
Ted YohoFL-3202-225-5744

In liberty,
Tea Party Patriots Support Team

We will all wait and see who is their object for "better leadership".  I promise to find something better for you next time.


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