Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Andy Borowitz

****TODAY 12:17 PM

George W. Bush Enjoying New Status as Smarter Bush



DALLAS (The Borowitz Report)—After years of being subjected to unfair ridicule, former President George W. Bush is now enjoying his newfound status as the smarter of the two Bush brothers to have achieved elected office.

Speaking to reporters at his home in Dallas, Bush said he was deriving "quiet satisfaction" from a new poll showing that ninety-one per cent of the American people now consider him the smarter Bush.

"I know that no one's saying I'm a genius," he said, modestly. "But I look pretty good when I'm graded on a curve."

Bush pointed with particular pride to the fact that seventy-four per cent of those polled said that, of the two Bush brothers, he had a "far superior command of the English language."

"When I was President, I got a lot of grief from people who didn't think my English was too good," he said. "I think now they're realizing it could have been worser."

The former President said that he hoped the American people's view of him as the smarter Bush would soon be shared by his parents, George and Barbara Bush.

"At Thanksgiving, Mom and Dad would never let me carve the turkey because they thought I'd screw it up somehow," he said. "Something tells me I'll be carving that turkey this year."


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