Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Something to Know - 21 October

Mike Luckovich

Biden is not going to run.  With that issue off the table, the Democrats can now speak to the relevant issues and present a sane and progressive agenda.   What I am sending out today, is kind of "cheesy", in that it directs attention to the scramble of idiocy that continues to prevail within the ranks of the GeeOpie House of Representatives.   Paul Ryan will consent to calls to be Speaker, but on his terms.  So, I was waiting to see what the "Crazies" had to say.  Well, here it is, and it does not look like there is unity in the ranks.  If this group prevails, no telling what is going to happen.  Who Will Be Speaker?  will be like looking for Waldo.  The election of 2016 may just be decided upon by the fact that the Republicans are not able to govern:

Last night in the House Republican Conference Meeting, Paul Ryan announced that he would be willing to accept the position of Speaker of the House if all of his conditions were met. He said he would only agree to be Speaker if he could be the unifying person between the House Freedom Caucus, the Republican Study Committee, and the moderate wing of the GOP conference.

Oh and there's one more thing. He will only agree to be Speaker of the House if the Republican Conference agrees to change the House rules to get rid of the ability for Members to file a motion to vacate the chair. You'll recall this is the very tool that Congressman Mark Meadows ultimately used to force John Boehner to resign.

So, Paul Ryan wants to be Speaker, but he doesn't want to have to pay the consequences if he does a bad job. Not only that, he wants to remove any consequences for any future Speaker of the House. Let's be clear here. He's talking about changing a rule that was initially laid out by Thomas Jefferson in his Rules on Parliamentary Procedure - a set of rules that each Member gets a copy of at the beginning of a new session of Congress!

This is absolutely insane and what's more, we have it on good authority that many Members of the House Freedom Caucus stood and gave Ryan a standing ovation after his speech last night. Now, perhaps it was simply a good gesture, but for them to stand and clap after Ryan talked about changing the rules of the House to remove any accountability for a sitting Speaker is alarming.

We must continue to encourage the House Freedom Caucus to remain strong and to remain en bloc. Paul Ryan has already proven that he isn't willing to change business as usual in Washington, in fact he wants to double down. The House Freedom Caucus and other conservatives in the House must continue to stand and demand a Speaker who will devolve the power structure.

Still, the only person who has laid for such a plan is Daniel Webster. He is the only one who has actually implemented his plan and he may well be the only person in the House qualified to make such a drastic and necessary change.

Call and Tweet the following list of Congressmen today. Tell them not to give in to Paul Ryan's demands and tell them to remember why they have their majority. You can remind them by sending them to watch this video:

In liberty,
Tea Party Patriots Support Team


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