Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fwd: Jeb Bush plans to “weaponize” his campaign

Now, we are getting to the games that the GeeOpie plays that we knew might develop.   They are turning on each other.  This will provide endless sound bites and video memories for the real campaign next year.   This missile from the Tea Party plus Trumps rampages will do great harm, thus proving that this group does not have the gravitas or discipline to run anything other than a conductor of a Clown Car.
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From: Jenny Beth Martin <>
Date: Thu, Jul 2, 2015 at 8:56 AM
Subject: Jeb Bush plans to "weaponize" his campaign
To: Juan Matute <>

Dear Juan,

Jeb Bush's strategists just told The New York Times that they are planning to "weaponize" their $100 million warchest.

Their goal is to pummel candidates like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Scott Walker, and Carly Fiorina with negative attacks right out of the gate.  

They want to guarantee many of these candidates don't make the cut and are excluded from the "official" RNC debates!

Please immediately sign the national Tea Party Open Letter to Jeb Bush.  Tell him to abandon his plan to blow up the Republican Party and personally destroy the conservative candidates.

Tell him to publicly demand that EVERY GOP candidate be allowed in the debates.

Then, please forward this email to everyone you know.  This is urgent. Jeb Bush needs to know where "We the People" stand.

We need thousands of grassroots conservatives to sign this open letter.

You see, the Ruling Class Republicans are doing everything they can to rig the presidential nomination contests.

Their "Attack and Expel" strategy is already in full swing.

They are raising epic amounts of money through Jeb Bush's four different fundraising committees.  

They are openly bragging that they plan to use this $100 million to attack the records of the conservative candidates in the presidential race.

The media then will declare that these conservatives are no longer "top tier" and can't appear in the debates!

One Bush advisor calls this strategy the campaign's "Pickett's charge".  It's disgusting.  And it will ultimately end up electing Hillary Clinton President.

These GOP elites are going to try to grind down good grassroots conservatives with attack ads.  And, in the process, they are going to ruin our chance to save America.

Please sign your letter to Jeb Bush immediately.  He must understand that grassroots conservatives won't sit idly by while he works to rig the nominating process.

It's bad enough that the Ruling Class Republicans want to deprive you of the right to hear from every candidate running with these outrageous exclusionary debate rules.

We deserve to hear from EVERY Republican candidate!

But now Jeb Bush and his cronies are about to take advantage of these unfair rules and unleash a wave of political hate.

They want to use their $100 million war chest to attack and smear grassroots conservative candidates before their campaigns even get started in earnest!

Remember, no matter which candidate you support, if he or she doesn't make it into the "top ten", their campaign will be effectively over.  They will be barred from the official debates and relegated to a "loser's forum."

That's why the establishment is gearing up for war right now.

If they can simply drive up the negative ratings of a conservative like Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul, or Ben Carson, they can keep at least some of these candidates out of the official debates.

Please sign the open letter to Jeb Bush right now.  And beg everyone you know to do the same.

We need to force Mr. Bush to renounce this evil "Attack and Expel" strategy.  We must continue demanding that every candidate be allowed in the debates.

Just click here to sign your letter.  This really is important.

The GOP nomination process should be about promoting conservative ideas and offering a positive vision that will help bring disillusioned and cynical Americans back into the GOP.

Instead, thanks to Jeb Bush, we are about to get a tidal wave of Ruling Class attack ads and the expulsion of good grassroots conservatives from the debates.

Tell Jeb Bush to stop this nonsense.  Tell him to support open debates.

Please sign your letter NOW.


Jenny Beth Martin

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While the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund does not earmark contributions for individual candidates, your contribution will be used to support only those Tea Party candidates who have met our exacting standards for endorsement.

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