Monday, July 7, 2014

Something to Know - 7 July

Mike Luckovich
1.  Progressives and Liberals have who verbalize and sign up to belong to all sorts of on-line stuff now need to experience the need for boots on the ground and real activism, that is if the preservation of the Senate is important.  Otherwise, there is an even chance that all will slip into the slop of stuff you do not want to step into:

2.  An interesting NY Times article on the intersection of the knowledge of science and religious beliefs.  Even though people may be aware of the science in proving global warming, there is not necessarily a follow through in acceptance of why the climate is changing or if it is changing at all.   There is exists a polarized debate, which translates to a lack of public policy in solving our problems.  Polarization exists on every issue.  If the United States of America declines to the point where it fails to act on anything, we may contribute to a global stagnation where all the water dries up and the earth turns into something like the planet Jupiter.  It is Polarization that will kill us in the long run.   Climate is a phenomenon of Nature.  Polarization is a human condition, which is something we can actually solve, if we open up our minds:

If we bred people with half the sense we breed dogs, there wouldn't be no Republican Party to put up with.  No lawyers, either.
-- Joly Vernon (from Joe Bageant's Rainbow Pie

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