Thursday, July 10, 2014

Something to Know - 10 July

Mike Luckovich

1.  The Texas Republican Party.  Does it really belong to the United States of America, or is it a bunch of smug, swaggering, blowhards? 
 The first four articles of the 2014 platform officially adopted by the Republican Party of Texas

Reaffirm Texas Sovereignty as Reserved Under the 10th Amendment, United States Constitution- We strongly urge the Texas Legislature to ignore, oppose, refuse, and nullify any federal mandated legislation which infringes upon the states' 10th Amendment Right. All federal enforcement activities in Texas must be conducted under the auspices of the county sheriff with jurisdiction in that county.

Opposition to Socialism- Socialism breeds mediocrity. America is exceptional. Therefore, the Republican Party of Texas opposes socialism in all of its forms.

Full Repeal of the 17th Amendment of the United States ConstitutionReturn the appointment of United States Senators by the state legislatures.

Unelected, Appointed Bureaucrats and AgenciesWe decry the appointment of unelected bureaucrats, and we urge Congress to use their constitutional authority to defund and abolish these positions and return authority to duly elected officials, accountable to the electorate. In the interim, we hold Congress responsible for agency decisions. Executive decisions by agencies must be reviewed and approved by Congress before taking effect.

  Check out the platform of this group:

2.  If the above entry does not stir your WTF alarm, Gail Collins of the NY Times offers this op-ed: 

If we bred people with half the sense we breed dogs, there wouldn't be no Republican Party to put up with.  No lawyers, either.
-- Joly Vernon (from Joe Bageant's Rainbow Pie

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