Monday, June 16, 2014

Something to Know - 16 June

Stuart Carlson
1.  Iraq is front and center in the news.  That image that we have of Bush on the aircraft carrier, proclaiming that the US and its allies have prevailed - "Mission Accomplished" is coming back to haunt us.  Pat Robertson, of all people, is all over the Bush-Cheney agenda.  Who knows what this will do to affect the sales price of his paintings:

2.  The debate of our options, involvement, and understanding of where we go from here with the ISIS presence in Iraq is the subject of this discussion:

3.  In this Global economy, the wealthy of the world are actually responsible for much of what ails each and every nation.   It is the tax havens that protect the wealthy from paying into the systems that widens the gap of inequality.  Here is how it goes:
The President's speech suggested to me that were we to follow his leadership, we will be in Iraq not for months, but for years. I also hope I am wrong on this.
-- Daniel Inouye

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