Friday, March 28, 2014

Something to Know - 29 March

Many of you are waking up to read/hear/see that Southern California experienced a 5.1 earthquake at 9:01pm last night.  Centered in an area named La Habra, which is about about 17 miles from Claremont as the crows fly.   Lynne and I felt it, and knew it was a rolling earth tremor, and that we were officially being welcomed back to California.  No problems and nothing happened.   Things get freaky when they go 6.0 and beyond.


1.  To add to all the confusion and angst that Nate Silver added when he predicted a tough slog for Senate control in the next election, Charles Blow throws in his analysis of younger voters trending to the Democrats, while the Republicans can only depend on the old white folks for any leverage:

2. Gail Collins feasts on the details and self-supporting conclusions resulting from the investigation of the New Jersey Bridgegate scandal surrounding (and that is a lot of territory) Chris Christie:
I have built my organization upon fear.
-- Al Capone

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