Friday, January 17, 2014

Something to Know - 17 January


As I read interesting articles, or receive tidbits from various sources, I file them in the folder for publication in this forum.  I have not sent out much lately, but the folder is big.  So, I am going to dump the whole thing on you without much introduction.  Read them if you like, but I will take pleasure in having them out there for possible absorption:
1.  Roger Ailes.  The big Wizard at Fox:

2.  Cesar Chavez for those who need an update on who he was and still is:

3.  The boom-town side effects in North Dakota:

4.  David Brooks on those who get out in front and lead the way:

5.  Ted Cruz and his style of pissing everyone off in the GeeOpie:

6.  George Packer and his assessment of Joisey Governor Christie's behavior:

7.  The Albany Bureau comes through with the SF Chronicle's article on Guns:

8.  When you are thinking about the bad day you are having, this video about a youngish old man at 17 with Progeria should inspire you to tough it out:

9.  NY Times editorial on the Christie way of governing:

10.  Gail Collins analyzes the purpose, or the blather, behind the politician's speech:

11.  Charles Blow would rather concentrate on progressive issues than piling on Gov. Christie's troubles:

12.  Here's a solid progressive issue that we should all get behind (GeeOpie, are you listening?):

13.  Okay, enough of idealism and progressive issues.  Timothy Egan leads us back to using Gov. Christie as a trampoline:

14.  Welcome to a bit of a well-deserved puff piece on Academy Award Nominee - Matthew McConaughey:   

15.  A piece on the Target plastic card scandal and how it reaches to other merchants.  Perhaps all this angst will lead to a needed overhaul of the way we transact purchases and go after the model that exists in Europe, and almost all other countries:

Well that's it.  The bucket has been dumped.  A catharsis..   Now...gotta go meet and greet and ride my bike.

I have built my organization upon fear.
-- Al Capone

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