Saturday, August 31, 2013

Something to Know - 1 September

Rob Rogers
1.  What a difference 12 hours makes.  As I started gathering a few articles to forward on to this forum, I chose those that articulated a view point that I believe is fundamental to the entire position that the United States must take on the question of Syria - the U.S, Constitution.  I am of the position that I would really like to see the Congress do its job first, in a case like this, and that is to authorize any military incursion.   For too long, presidents have gone out and put us into some costly messes over many decades.  The vigorous discussions that many of us have been having on yes or no on going into Syria need to be taking place on the floor of Congress.  Perhaps the House will get off its Dead -Boehner Ass and do some constructive work, rather than play games with the debt ceiling, sequestration, or naming some interstate road after some war hero.  Also, if military action is approved, it should damn well come with the funding backing for doing so.  If the Congress does not give its approval, then it gives Obama an out as to why we are not invading, and maybe he will forever keep his mouth shut when he fancies talking about any more "red lines".  This first editorial was written before Obama's announcement today:

Here's another concern from Charles Blow:

2.  Roger Cohen of the NY Times concerns his column with the issue of the Brits breaking with Obama's initial sentiments on Syria.   The British Parliament engaged in a civil, but noisy and rigorous (as they usually do), debate, and set up an example of how to debate this issue for our own Senate and House.  My only frustration with Obama's statement today is, that if approval of an incursion into Syria is so important, why did he not call Congress back into session immediately?  But no, he is willing to wait until they come back from their break, Labor Day home speeches, and fund raising.  Congress is on its "Constituent Work Period" 5 August- 6 September, and won't be back to do the Peoples' Work until Monday the 9th of September.  So, you Hawks will have to wait a couple of weeks, at least:

3.  How Wrong can the Right be?:

The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun..
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