Monday, July 15, 2013

The Annikas, fish, pass away at 18 months

The Annikas, a trio of grey fish who lived in a fishbowl while being fostered by Juan and Sirinya, passed away on Saturday while en route in a private vehicle to Redding, CA. They were approximately 18 months old.

“The Annikas were resilient while they were in our care,” said Sirinya, the foster mother. “They brought life to our apartment, even when we were busy and didn’t always feed them regularly.”

Named for the sister-in-law of a friend of Juan Michael, the Annikas came to live in the fishbowl of Sirinya’s childhood goldfish last summer. Their owners, Joshua and his wife, temporarily relocated to the East Coast for job opportunities. It was expected the Annikas would resume living with Josh and his wife when they returned to Los Angeles.

The Annikas also delighted the cats of Juan and Sirinya's friend Will. The Annikas came over to live with Will during the 4th of July weekend. The cats were delighted to have new friends.

That's about right.
Preliminary reports indicate that the Annikas died due to asphyxiation  They were in a plastic bottle while in transport. Will explained that he sought to bring the Annikas to Redding with him to keep his cats company. 

“Please, if you’re transporting fish, make sure there is ample air. Fish deserve to live a dignified life,” Will said. "It turns out that the best way to transport fish is to put them in a plastic bag with lots of air. You're also not supposed to feed them for one to two days prior to moving them."

Will then pleaded: “Don’t repeat the mistake I made. The cats and I are in mourning.”

Private services were held in California.


  1. The passing of Josh's fish is sad and tragic. Thankfully, the Annikas made Will's cats happy for a few days.

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  3. I always knew that one day Will's collection of bottles and cans would kill someone or something. Had he been out of bottles and used a plastic bag, we wouldn't be in mourning today.