Friday, June 14, 2013

Something to Know - 15 June

Mike Luckovich
1.  The Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care) is about to start its engine and go on-line.  I for one can't wait to see it take hold and see it flourish over time, and get better and better, over time.   It is with the same feeling that I have for the gun issue, but there is nothing as of now that can overcome the conspiracy theorists that some dark force is going to take all the guns away and enslave us all.  Obama Care does have a legal platform to go out and multiply its benefits:

2.  Gail Collins would like those of us who are fence-sitters on this phenomena of NSA intrusion to be aware of a past example of a real invasion of privacy occurred, and where it went very wrong and was clumsy and costly:

3.  When I moved back to California from Atlanta, over two years ago, some Peach Staters questioned why it was that I wanted to move to a state that was in big debt, full of liberal mismanagement, and was going nowhere but back.   Well, as I see it now, Georgia is in deep poop, and is running on its austerity programs, and cutting back.    California is now a model for how the federal government (the Congress).  It has a super-majority of both the state senate and assembly, and has a prudent and experienced governor.  The state is in full control by Democrats, and the Republicans are just a party in name only.  Read this LA TImes article on how the Golden State is coming back very strong:


"The universe is a big place, perhaps the biggest. "
-- Kurt Vonnegut

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