Thursday, June 13, 2013

Something to Know - 14 June

Jeff Danziger
1.  So Mr. Issa stuck his nose far into something that he probably feels flummoxed.  So, since this link is a bit old ( a day or so ), maybe it is not on the front burner any more.  Issa has been upstaged by a guy named Edward Snowden:

2.  From the Albany bureau, this San Francisco Chronicle article briefly points out two components of the ever-changing battle field.  The way we used to regard enemies, and how we waged "war" is a bit different (mucho different), than how it was done back in the early 40's (1940's, that is).  We are forever mired in conflicted activities that challenge our understanding of our Constitution and our ethics:

3.  Remember Todd Akin?   You woulda thunk that the GeeOpie would have wised up by now.  Nope !.  The Party of Stupid just keeps on chugging along:

4.  Nuclear Power.   As much as it works against the grain of environmentalists, here is a presentation of some who have changed minds (their own), and present a case for continuing on with this energy platform:


"The year was 2081, and everyone was finally equal."
-- Kurt Vonnegut

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