Sunday, April 21, 2013

Something to Know - 22 April

Rob Rogers
1.  Somethings just had to be said about the president's style, and Maureen Dowd just stepped up to the plate and swatted it.  Is it a wake up call that will be heeded, or is it just another angry poke at the concept that idealism just cannot deny that power politics gets things done?:

2.  As a long-time Southern Californian, the Los Angeles Times newspaper is something I grew up with, and read almost all my life (including the 24 years on-line in Georgia).  The news that newspapers are in trouble is nothing new.  Some have shut down, and some are merging and others being bought out.   The Koch Brothers are mentioned as suitors for the Big Chicago Tribune empire (which includes the LA Times).   I personally find it distasteful and nothing for me to stay with if in fact the Koches buy it.  It is a sad state for journalism if the Koches and the Murdochs wind up owning a big hunk of the media outlets in this country and the world.  Buying legislative control of the levers of government is not the media oligarchs want to control what we hear, see, and read:

3.  Dumbing-Down the quality of newspapers is not the only thing to be concerned about.   With political pressures from such intellectual forces such as Governor Rick Perry and resident brains like George W. Bush, the University of Texas is wallowing in the direction of turning their schools of higher learning into cheap technical schools.  There is grave danger in this visionary fog, and the powers that be are herding us into accepting mediocrity as an acceptable goal:

4.  Mitch McConnell spoke too soon.  Spoke without knowing much.  He spoke with political intent.  He spoke as the custodian, and the legislator-in-chief of the Party of Stupid:


"Burt Reynolds once asked me out. I was in his room."
       -- Phyllis Diller

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