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Something to Know - 30 March

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Time to dish out those links that I have gathered the past few days.

1.  Here is one suggestion on how to improve the financial health of Medicare, and that is to allow the program to negotiate the cost of pharmaceuticals, like the VA Hospitals.  This was Bush's little gift to Big Pharma (not allowing Medicare to negotiate drug costs) when he signed into law his non-funded program:

2.  Every once in a while, there is an article like this that pushes back on non-Golden State snarky comments about how messed up California is.  Not sure if it is out of jealousy, or perverted envy, but this one fits the bill for now:

3.  Reince Priebus, the guy who runs the Republican Party, delivered his autopsy report of the dead body that lost the election to the Democrats.  The theme was that the GOP had to better respect minorities (ethnic and women) to gain broader appeal and favor, which would turn into winning votes.    Well, that little pep-talk lasted about two days until some GOP legislator dropped this turd:

4.  Albany News Bureau has passed on this article which shows just how much attention is given to what each Justice on the Supreme Court is saying about anything.  Like every utterance is given a historical perspective on comments made in the oral argument presentation.  Now, nothing is really of any consequence until we get the actual decision (favoring and dissenting):

5.  This is an interesting analysis of what the Republican Party is going through.  It is like handicapping a horse race.   There are many factors in play, and everyone has an opinion on what has to be done, who is going to do what, and which side is going to hold steady, and which faction will just bite the bullet.  After reading this, I just wonder what the Tea Party is going to actually do.  There seems to be a feeling that they will just go along with the GOP, but the Tea Baggers are really trying to make a unique presence, and they could be of a mind to make that known in a very non-cooperative display:


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