Friday, January 18, 2013

Something to Know -19 January

Clay Bennett
1.  Let's take a brief time-out from the guns, and rest on this one.  It is a great article on the "Texan dialect" - what it is, and where it is going.  I enjoyed it because of my experience of living 24 years in a suburb south of Atlanta.   I won't go into all of my details, but I find this article to have almost total similarities to Georgia:

2.  Okay, back to the War on Guns.  As usual, it takes the satire of Jon Stewart on his Daily Show  to get to the heart of the ridiculous positions from the anti-control (as opposed to pro-gun) side of the equation:

3.  From The New Yorker, we get this good article on the relevancy and the evolution of Democrat/Republican in the American South.  The rest of the country is changing, and the South seems to be stuck.  This is a good read:

4.  Jack Abramhoff (remember him?) has this short video where he lays out the corruption involved in money and politics.  With his experience at this game, he makes a convincing appeal that you wish elected public officials should see and follow:

5.  David Brooks presents an excellent game plan for the majority party in power at the moment to kill of the Republicans.  Brooks is a moderate Republican, and it is obvious that he has no need for the current wackos in the GOP, but he is aware that the Democrats cannot and should not try anything to unite the opposition in extreme issues.  The plan is to keep hitting the Republicans with wedge issues like gun control, immigration, debt ceiling, etc....those things that really marginalize the GOP.  There are 180 Republican Congressmen/women who voted against the Hurricane Sandy FEMA funding.  How many of them were on record for voting against the budget to prevent going over the fiscal cliff..and who are their names.   Who, by name, is going to oppose simple gun control to prevent back ground checks?   Who is going to vote against Obama's immigration reform?   The game plan is there.   How the Republicans connect to reality remains to be seen:


The richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least.

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