Monday, October 29, 2012

Something to Know - 30 October

   Ben Sargent
1.  Security Alert!    No, it is not about who to vote for, but about those pieces of plastic in your purse or wallets.   You have all heard about the marvels of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), but there are some downsides to this, and you really need to see this short video.   Advice - insulate the cards with heavy duty aluminum foil:

2.  The endorsement for Zomney is is precious:

3.  Paul Krugman brings up something that RomRyan don't talk about much, and that is their plan to really screw up Medicaid.   Once again, those who do not have a political voice get screwed:

4.  This op-ed is just another case to point out that the influx of money, as a result of Citizen United, subverts the guidance and just does what it wants to do, without regard to the rules.   A malignancy that needs to be excised.

5.  The FEMA action as it relates to the anticipated and now apparent disaster planning and recovery highlights that difference between the two philosophies of the candidates.  Obama and the Federal Government budgets, supports, and directs all necessary resources to assist in handling all aspects as they pertain to natural disasters.   RomRyan does not figure that the Feds should be involved in this, and that if anything is to be done, it should be dealt with be the states.  Now, that is just absolutely ridiculous.  No state commands the resources necessary to handle this.   Can you imagine each state  - that is to say 50 separate bureaucracies just to run an operation like this?   No one state can do it alone. Romney prefers to "privatize" the whole thing.  Can you imagine Halliburton or KBR doing FEMA's job - they did a wonderful job in Iraq and now in Afghanistan - I'm sure.  Here are some articles that support a sane position:

6.  Adding political spin to the three links above, Eugene Robinson makes it very clear what Romney is up to.   His solution is to shrink the federal budget by having states assume the responsibility to taking care of any type of disaster recovery.  Let's face it.  States do not have the Corp of Engineers, and the military to back up real emergencies.  Some states can't even poke themselves out of a wet paper bag if their lives depended on it.  Privatization is not the answer - it compounds the problem.  RomRyan is absolutely wrong, and this needs to be pointed out now in BOLD alarms at this relevant time:


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       -- Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
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