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Something to Know - 21 October

Ben Sargent
1.  A local Salt Lake City newspaper has endorsed Obama.   The Tribune is probably not the rag dominated by the LDS Church ( I think it is something like the Deseret News), but I find it interesting that they took a stand, rather than pass on on an endorsement.  It is apparent that they do have admiration of an old Mitt Romney, but the guy who has been running has embraced the radical wing of the GOP and has been now lacking in any consistency of character -which is disturbing:

2.  There are many examples of situations in which human beings find themselves in hopeless and desperate situations.   Prisons are one such place.   Pelican Bay State prison near Cresent City is one such place.  This is not about who did what to merit getting into the place, but it is about the imposition of the will of the state in incarcerating an individual like a cockroach in a match box, and keeping them in solitary for 23 hours a day, for years upon years.  As you read this story, imagine yourself having to exist like this.  A severe case of depression has to be developed here.  I get sick just thinking about it:

3.  As I draft this, am am no longer as confident about Obama's chances as I was about 3 weeks ago.   Maybe that is good so that Democrats across this land feel that it is imperative that we work hard to get out the vote>  I am an optimist at heart, and still feel that good eventually triumphs over bad.   To emphasize the "bad" there is this piece from the NY Times that the RomRyan agenda is absolutely horrible for women, and no one should take MeelyMouthMitt's word that he really is working hard for women:

4  In the continuing saga of the dark world of Romney and his taxes, there is this piece.  He and his investor partners were able to strangle millions out of the misery of Detroit, at the expense of tax payers, and then stashed the ongoing proceeds, after thousands of auto workers lost their jobs, in off shore accounts in ways that no one knows really where and how he made the money.   This has fueled more speculation as to why he is not releasing any IRS information.   The guy is a real shit:

5.  This is a long NY TImes editorial on the subject of the health care plan that Romney/Ryan are hocking on the campaign trail.   The NY Times board has researched their website, and known statements and have come to the conclusion that there is nothing but vague promises and non-committal talk.   It is a shame and a sham on what these guys are laying out.  In all my years of following presidential campaigns, I have never seen or heard as much disingenuous conduct:

6.  Mareen Dowd takes a cold look at Romney and how his Al Smith dinner barbs at Obama reveal who he really is.   He is not a man who expresses great love or great hate, but is so full of himself that he cannot be bothered with Obama:

7.  The debate on Monday night is on Foreign Policy.   Romney come across to me like a guy who never gives it much of a thought, and has surrounded himself with ex-W. Bush policy advisors.  I think that on this subject, he will concentrate on something that he can find fault with on how Obama has done his job, and I really don't think that his Mittness has any real idea.  Since we now have news that Iran has agreed to one-on-one talks of diplomacy engagement to work out the nuclear problem, I will be interested on how Romney is going to frame a catchy way of opposition.   For the most part, Romney is nothing more than a shill for the usual pandering to the military-industrial complex that Republicans are known for:

8.  The State of California has two propositions (30 and 38) on the November ballot, which are designed to help improve the situation that students, teachers, and schools systems find themselves.   I have many friends who are retired teachers.  My mom was a teacher in the LA City School system.   Proposition 13 (the old Howard Jarvis bill) was one of the things that started messing up things a few decades ago, and needs to be revisited.  However, there are legitimate issues where teachers pensions, as well as public employees have be demonized as the culprit, which is not true.   Steve Lopez is in a good position as parent of a school kid, California tax payer, and journalist, and has been closely monitoring this crisis:

9.  This election will come down to who can get out the vote.  Doyle McManus points out how each party will push to get their "base" to the polls.  The Republicans are kind of split up, since Romney is not exactly "liked" by lots of them, but that may not mean a hill of beans.  I do know that it is going to take every Democrat to make this happen.  If you have not caught on by now, I am a Liberal - Progressive, and big Obama supporter.  I imagine you are getting these mailing because you and I are on the same page, and I will be doing my part to get you to encourage everyone to take this election very seriously:


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