Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Thing to Know - 2 September

  Jeff Danziger
As I said yesterday, I am only having one entry today. I am repeating the Mike Lofgren article, which capsulizes his career experience as a congressional staffer for both major parties.  It may sound like a real downer, but in its exposé of the the machinery that seems to be working to destroy our system of government by doing everything that is contrary to good governance, we at least may see what it is that we have to change, how it needs to be changed, and who and what is responsible and accountable for taking us down the dark path:


"Mitt Romney had 6 years to prepare for his inaugural address.  During the Vietnam War years, Mitt undertook a 2-year mission fighting for converts on the streets of Paris; same result - nothing has changed."
       -- Burma Shave

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