Monday, August 6, 2012

Things to Know - 7 August

Stuart Carlson

1.  Continuing on with the Romney vs. Reid debate - what?   did you expect something different from me?   Anyway, until this issue moves with more forthcoming information, we can dwell on the integrity displayed, and comment on the factoids presented.  After reading this article, the item that sticks with me is that if this was all a case being presented in court, and we are the jury, a good judge would invoke the "missing evidence instruction" - that being the concept that the party that is withholding the evidence may be afraid that the content of the evidence would be harmful to their cause.  I believe that Mitt Romney is hiding behind the "Missing Evidence" instruction, and thus is guilty as charged:

2.  Deflecting attention from uncomfortable pressure is the normal response of a seasoned politician when called upon to answer questions.  The other tactic is to avoid any questions, period.   However, when necessary, Mitt's response to his lack of transparency on his tax history is to answer that it was Obama who was responsible for the closure of a local GM dealership.   ???? WTF?    It was Romney who advocated letting the entire GM company and auto industry go bankrupt.   Romney does not even have a viable rope-a-dope strategy:

3.  It's kind of hot today (about 100 here in Claremont), so just relax and enjoy the Thom Hartmann presentation of the the news to know:

4.  According to this piece in the NY Times, The Donald does not have much of a chance to have a speaker's slot at the GeeOpee convention in Tampa.   That is unless he moves that mane of hair to a place under his lip, and takes a quickie course in Spanish from Berlitz:

5.  After I read this marvelous column by Roger Cohen, I realized that he took Mitt Romney's pronouncements on the struggles of the Middle East, through the "Arab Spring", and his recent foreign visits, and did to Romney what a lumber mill buzz saw does to a log - turned him to sawdust:

6.  This editorial paints the picture of what the Republicans did to themselves.  Last year, they committed to something that is now backfiring on them, and they nobody to blame but themselves - although they sure claim that it is Obama's fault.  Obama is the head of the Executive Branch, while the Congress - more specifically the House - is where authorizations for spending legislation starts.  So, it is going to have to be the Republicans who have to come hat-in-hand to the table to make a realistic and sensible change, that will most likely maintain the tax cuts for the middle class, and require the wealthy to pony up more in taxes.  The being stipulated, then we can go about working on a federal budget that includes spending, not arcane austerity:

7.  The Republicans are doing everything they can at the state levels to prevent people from voting who tend to be Democrats.   It's obvious, it's shameful, and it should not be allowed to stand.  Romney gaffes his way through fabrications to make it seems like the GOP is doing the right thing, but they are not:


"Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in." 
       -- Leonardo da Vinci
"Times have not become more violent. They have just become more televised." 
       -- Marilyn Manson
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       -- E. Joseph Cossman
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       -- Evelle J. Younger

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