Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Things to Know - 2 August

Rob Rogers
1.  Hoist by their own petard.  Finally!  After all of these years of learning some phrase in high school, I actually get to use it.   This describes the latest scumbag ploy that the Republicans are using to blame Obama for the half-trillion dollar Pentagon budget cuts, and collateral deal issues that the GOP instigated in their last-year with the Democrats to continue another year of the "Bush" tax cuts.  Well, it is a year later, the tax cuts for the wealthy are due to expire at the end of the year, and the budget cuts will kick in at the same time.   The Democrats are just not going to lift a finger and let the deal go through.  The only way to change anything, the Republicans are going to have to negotiate and that means that in order to keep the tax cuts for the wealthy, they will have to give up surrender some hallowed GOP turf - and they don't want to do this.  So, in effect the Republicans are blaming Obama for the very things that they put in place a year ago:

2.  The weather events that have taken a harsh toll on our nation's crops, and record temperatures, may be the only effective means by which the environmentalists' warnings about greenhouse gases and global warming finally convince previous nay-sayers that we have problems. The Paid-For politicians (in the pockets of Big Energy) just don't carry the credibility any more:

3.  An interesting observation by this writer is that Israel is merely a political pawn in the Romney camp to gain some sort of traction - but at what cost?   The money to engage in a war with Iran (after the Israelis make their unilateral strike) is something that we cannot afford:

4.  Polling data in some very key states show that Obama is edging out his opponent:

5.  Former US Intelligence officials are calling for the Republicans to replace their party people on the House Committee on Intelligence.  It is one thing to talk about partisan politics, and it is another subject that putting the dumbest people on the Intelligence Committee is not the wisest thing.   Michelle Bachman and her four stooges are inept at best and endangering our national security at worst:

6.  Never in the history of our country has support for public education been so endangered.   The cut and slash GOP attitude puts the education of our nation's youth on the same shelf with other programs that are targets for budget cuts, while tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy prevail:

7.  Thom Hartmann reports on some of the other news and stories about screw balls running loose:

8.  Fareed Zakaria joins in on Mitt and his claim the "culture drives economic prosperity".   Fareed says that it is Capitalism and economic policy that drives economic prosperity.   So, Mitt, ya wanna to back to Harvard and do it again?:

9.  Mitt takes additional heat from another writer who takes issue with his simplistic grasp of the world economies and why a baker in Romania makes less money than a baker in Pittsburgh, PA.   I would think that there are some Econ. profs at Harvard who are retro-actively deleting Mitt Romney as one who has ever been in their classes:


"People often write me and ask how I keep my wood floors so clean when I live with a child and a dog, and my answer is that I use a technique called Suffering From a Mental Illness." 
       -- Heather Armstrong
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       -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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       -- Thomas Babington Macaulay
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