Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Things to Know - 1 August

Stuart Carlson
1.   For the Romney campaign, he's going about the business of handling the press the wrong way.  He wont take questions, and he prefers to release no information.  He keeps reporters as far away as possible, and the process is pisses them all off.  This is going to be very bad for him in the long run:

2.  Back now to the legacy of gun massacres.   This short article points out what most people know - The secret that the NRA knows that nobody is trying to "take your guns away".  It is just a ginned up fear-mongering sound byte that the NRA cranks out whenever it suits their fancy.   The registration, over-sight on sales, prevention of ownership by people who are certifiably crazy or who may need closer inspection, and elimination of assault weapons, rocket launchers, etc - those measures are not "taking guns away":

3.  Apparently Mitt Romney, through his brand of back-door diplomacy, has managed to raise concerns with the Chinese about his grasp of history and foreign relations.   Mitt, you would do well to stay home, which ever casa you might want to call home.  Better yet, sleep in the barn at the horse ranch and start a Friends of Rafalca social media group:

4.  Well, it eventually had to leak out.  A Bain investor told Harry Reid that Romney did not pay ANY income taxes for 10 years.  There's a lot of time between now and the GOP convention in Tampa and then the election day in November.   When are the shoes going to start to drop?:

5.  About the only item that Romney can inspire about now is speculation on who is running mate will be.  He has not defined himself as yet, and he may never, so talk about his VP is the only thing he may have going for him.   Another label that MItt is working on his his status as the "Presumptive Republican......", and let's leave it right there.  Disregard the "nominee" part.....and just let him deal with being a Presumptive Republican:

6.  Thomas Friedman speculates on why the whole Romney foray into Israel could have just as well been done in Las Vegas, and saved a whole lot of gas and problems for Mitt:

7.  Maureen Dowd now has her turn in assessing Romney's visit to the world.  It is not pretty...well it's pretty funny if you look at it from one point of view, but it is a sad commentary about an individual who appears to have nothing going for him, and not offering any help in giving us any leads as to where to start looking:

8.  Prison guards who screw up on the job get fired.   Bankers and investors who screw up on the job......nothing happens to them.  Read this and see if you can understand why advocates for strict regulation of the financial industry argue it well, but the money and lobby campaigns would want you to believe otherwise:

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       -- George Bernard Shaw
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       -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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