Sunday, August 12, 2012

Things to Know - 13 August

Jeff Danziger
1.  The selection of Ryan to run with Romney is having a lot of buzz right now, and rightfully so.  The red meat is now out there to energize their base.  There will be a sharp and clear choice in the philosophy that is to be voted on.   All we had before was a wimpy guy with no character and a whole pile of flip flops.  Well, Mitt has solidified himself, and he is telling the world that he shares the same values as Ryan.  That is all we really need to know.   We have to remember that it is Romney who is running for president, not Ryan.  We need to know more about Romney and his taxes, and perhaps we can channel that through Ryan and his answers about his own tax returns.  All we need to know about Romney now is to keep this Ryan voting record in Congress in the forefront.  You know that this means that the Democrats are going to have to work hard to get out the vote, and not let this one slip by.  This NY Times editorial lays it all out as to the future of America:

2.  Again, I am reminding you to be close to this weblink.   It is the history of Paul Ryan's voting record in Congress.  Use it to remind yourself and others when necessary on the direction that Romney has affirmed himself.  Don't plan on printing it, unless you want to burn up 77 sheets of paper:

3.  Having something tangible about where the Romney campaign is coming from now, the Santa Monica news bureau found this interesting Atlantic article that correlates Mitt Romney's tax burden under the Paul Ryan tax reform plan.   Yes, it is now a clear choice:

4.  First up - The Washington Post, and an assessment on what the RomRyan ticket means.  The honeymoon is on for both right now, and the energy is high.  How long will it last? who knows.  When it settles down, Romney will still be the guy at the top who is running for the job.  As the WashPost points out, Ryan is there to do the things that Romney cannot do for himself, and there is a large list of items.  Romney is still lacking in in skills for the job, but mostly the character issue hangs big on him:

5.  Next up - The New York Times, and Bill Keller gives his impression on who Romney would be putting in key positions - mostly retread hacks from the Bush administration.  He foresees a sloppy push to the right and conservative on just about everything.   Mostly, the Big Rich Billionaires who are investing heavily in Romney expect to be repaid with actions favoring their way of business , so what are you expecting, something different?   It's not a pretty picture:

6.  Last up is the LA Times, but it is not much.  Most of their heavy guns have not put all their Monday edition online as yet, and I am not about to wait up for them.  Perhaps the will contribute something of substance tomorrow:

7.  This NY Times editorial nails the main issue on the RomRyan ticket - Medicare.   Ryan has a plan to turn the program into a voucher system, and slash 6 trillion of fed spending over 10 years.  This is not very popular at all with the majority of Americans.  Romney, on the other hand, is going to try to distance himself on the Ryan's Medicare plan.  He and his staff have already tried to do so, and it is obvious that they are very uncomfortable.  Romney says he will reveal his plan in the Fall, but not soon enough to do him election damage.  He's a scumbag for not leveling with the voters.  This is not the appropriate time to Etch-a-Sketch your way through a political campaign:

8.   Meet the Press had Rachel Maddow on as a panelist, and she immediately took Mitt Romney handler, Rich Lowry, to task and called him out for trying the Etch-a-Sketch maneuver.   Trying to convince us that Romney has his own ideas about Medicare, and they may be different from Ryan's, but that it does not matter, does not go over big on the journalists on the panel.  Rachel gets the drift, and goes after him.   It is going to be a rough slough for the Republicans now:


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