Friday, April 6, 2012

Things to Know - 6 April

Pat Oliphant

1.  Bill McKibben puts it all down as to why subsidizing oil companies is really not logical or just:

2.  Fracking is under a cloud by the USGS (Geological Survey) as it suspected of creating earthquakes.  The process is not very friendly to much of anything or anybody, except the big powerful Oil and Gas Lobby

3.  Here is one for the logical looney bin.   Monsanto is going to sue the state of Vermont if it passes a law that all genetically modified (GMO) food is labeled as such.  In other words, if you pick out a product on a grocery shelf, and look at the product labeling, and it says that the corn or wheat or whatever has been processed by genetic modification, it is so stated as GMO.  Monsanto does not want that to happen.  Really!   The law is not saying that Monsanto can't make or sell the stuff, it just want to allow the consuming public to know that what they are about to purchase and eat has been genetically modified.  It really boggles the mind on what kind of fear-mongering the corporate buys have on legislatures when threats are used to prevent the public from full knowledge of what they are about to eat:

4.  Poor Porkie.  His think tank, the ATM through which he financed much of his porkiness behavior, is really in the tank.   He is at the end of his buffet line, and will have to pony up to reality very shortly.  Someone should tell him that his only viable gig may be spot on TV as a Weight Watcher spokepig:

5.  Thom Hartmann has a couple of really interesting stories on his video/text presentation.   Twinkie story will make you ill:

6.  As Romney morphs into the heir apparent to the GeeOpee nomination, his disingenuous talk has to be challenged.  On one hand he is claiming that Obama has a "secret agenda" that he is not telling the American people about.  At the same time, Mitt-Bot is claiming that he does not have to reveal information on his holding in Bain or any of his overseas investments.  This is going to be an interesting  game.   Air sickness bags will be provided on request:

7.  Occasionally, David Brooks has to renew his right-of-center credentials with the NY TImes, and he came up with this one.  It is critical of Obama for taking the low road in his criticism of the Ryan budget.  However, there are no good words from Brooks about Ryans' proposal.  Brooks is just sniping at Obama for sinking to the level of the GeeOpee:

8.  Here's a real case of public officials engaging in embezzlement.  Orange County (California) officials re-directed state money for schools and education for the purposes of running daily expenses and balancing the budget.,0,7254773.story 


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       -- Charles M. Schulz
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       -- Booth Tarkington
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       -- M. C. Escher
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